Act 4

Scene 1

Erionna Jordan, Alondra Hernandez, Abbey Serrano, Juvenal Chaidez


People should take matters into their own hands, they should find their own justice.

-"I had forgot that foul conspiracy/ Of the beast Caliban and his confederates/ Against my life. The minute of their plot/ Is almost come"(Shakespeare 4.1)

The quest for power is not worth it.

-“The dropsy drown this fool! What do you mean/ To dote thus on such luggage? Let’s alone/ And do the murder first. If he awake/ From toe to crown he’ll fill our skins with pinches,/ Make us strange stuff”(Shakespeare 4.1).

-“Go charge my goblins that they grind their joints/ With dry convulsions, shorten up their sinews/ With agèd cramps, and more pinch-spotted make them/ Than pard or cat o' mountain”(Shakespeare 4.1).

Character analysis

Prospero – Protective – “But if thou dost break her virgin – know before all sanctimonious ceremonies may with full and holly rite be minister’d”. (Shakespeare 4.1)

Summary: Prospero does not want to Ferdinand to take away Miranda’s virginity, only when it’s the right time.

Ferdinand – Honorable -

Discussion Questions

What does Ariel do for Prospero?

-Ariel brings all his fellow spirits, he teaches them to act quickly when needed. Because he has given power a small display of his magical powers Ferdinand and Miranda.

Who is Juno?



As a director, I believe the marriage scene is important because Miranda and Ferdinand are getting married. Marriage is a great and wonderful thing especially when the spouse meets the standards given for example, Ferdinand is given permission to marry Miranda but Prospero, Miranda’s father, still points out that she must remain a virgin until after the marriage ceremony or else their whole marriage will be dreadful so Ferdinand agrees and explains how he is on the same page because he wants nothing but happiness for his marriage.

Prospero: Juvenal

Ferdinand: Erionna

Ariel: Alondra

*Begin Act 4*

*Stop before Iris enters the scene*