Ancient Egypt

Online Resources 2016

Sixth Grade Resources

This year, sixth graders may use a wide variety of resources to learn about Ancient Egypt. Here's a start - please let me know if you find others that are worth sharing.

Kids Discover

Kids Discover is a new online resource based on the amazing topical magazines with the same name. Please explore the free version of this resource: username: kellylane, password: kidsdiscover

Kelly Lane eBooks

We have one title in our eBook collection that may be useful to you. Art & Culture of Ancient Egypt can be found by logging into Follett Destiny through our website.

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Kelly Lane Library


Brainpop has several videos about Ancient Egypt, including one about Cleopatra, another on the Mummies, and this one on the Egyptian Pharoahs.

username: granby password: brainpop

Brainpop-Egyptian Pharoahs

Discovery Education

There are so many resources about Ancient Egypt on Discovery Education, that you will appreciate the curated collection of materials for grades 6-8. You may show these in class or create assignments for your students to review independently.

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Ancient Egypt Collection

Here are some links from Grolier's website search.

National Geographic

There is a wealth of information in National Geographic. Check out these articles about Egypt, then and now.

National Geographic

One more thing...

You can find photos of Ancient Egypt for projects on the Kelly Student Shared server - in the 2015 Student Resources folder - Ancient Egypt.

Please let me know if you'd like help using these resources or if you need something else.