Architectural Styles

By: Molly Melloan and Ryan Ullman

Mediterranean Style

Is a design style introduced in the US in the 19th century incorporating references from Spanish Renaissance, Spanish Colonial, Beaux-Arts, Italian Renaissance and Venetian Gothic architecture.
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-Structure can stay cool and breezy in the hot baking sun

-Shallow Sloping Roofs

-Roof is made of bright terra cotta roof tiles

-The roofs overhang the walls-- a feature that is used in the Mediterranean to provide shade

-Employs a courtyard in the front of the house, as part of the driveway, or inside the floor plan.

-Large open arches

-Constructed with stucco walls

-The walls remain unpainted to give a clean, traditional look

French Eclectic

Domestic architecture that shows many of its French antecedents, combining elements and characteristics of a wide range of historic style.
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-steeply pitched, hipped, and the eaves are often flared on the roof

-embraces the various regional styles found across France as well as American adaptations

-Rounded towers with conical roofs were frequently built

-Roof dormers

-Massive chimneys

-Masonry wall cladding of stone or brick; often stuccoed

-Windows may be casement or double hung and French doors are used

-Range of architectural detail including quoins, pediments, pilasters

Common Features

-Both are commonly made using stucco

-Both use earth tone colors on the exterior of the house

-Arched Doorways

-Over hanging Roofs

Comparison Statement

Between the Mediterranean Style and the French Eclectic Style, their use of stucco and earth tone colors make them unique from most brick or stone houses. The terra cotta roof tiles on the Mediterranean homes make them unique as well as their roofs that provide shade. The French Eclectic houses older, French feel help set it apart from other styles and from the Mediterranean Style. I prefer the Mediterranean Style because of its clean lines and sharp look along with a Spanish/Italian gothic style. Ryan likes the French Eclectic better because he thinks it looks more formal.