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Teachers Across the District Branch Out with Blogs

We all know that teachers work extremely hard. Their work never seems to end. They work tirelessly and very rarely ask for assistance or advice. With the enormous number of digital resources available, many have turned to reading professional blogs to gain insight and seek new ideas.

Over the past years, many of our SCSD2 teachers have started their own professional blogs. These blogs contain everything from information about the teacher to lesson examples and much, much more! With so many exemplary blogs right here in our district, there's no need to look any further to see the best examples.

Co-Blogging May Be a Way to Get Your Feet Wet

Tiffany and Brittany have teamed up in this blog to show examples of great teaching and technology integration, as well as their leadership roles within the district. Check out their co-blog to get ideas on how you and a teaching partner might want to start a co-blog of your own.
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