Playing For Rights

By Hayley K., Period 1, 12/7/15

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is a key word in this project. Why, you may ask? Because who we are talking about is a great example of perseverance. Perseverance means to continue on even in times of doubt, when you could easily just give up. Persevering is an important part of life if you are trying to live a dream. There will be people pushing you down, telling you that you won't be able to achieve that dream. But, if you persevere, you won't let them get you down. That's what the paper is about, and showing how Jackie Robinson persevered.

Just how did Jackie Robinson persevere?

A great example is a quote from the book. The text said “’Have you got the guts to play the game no matter what happens?’ ‘I think I can play the game, Mr. Rickey,’ I said.” (Page #294) This showed a great example of perseverance because Jackie didn’t stand down when he was told the risks of the job he was given, and didn’t get fazed by the risks, either. He stated he could play the game and then did. He did not give up when he knew he could get attacked at any moment.

Another great example is this quote. “Could I turn the other cheek? I didn’t know how I would do it. Yet I knew that I must.” (Page #295) He said that he could get attacked and he wouldn’t stop persevering. Jackie would keep playing the game even after being taunted and laughed at. He would play the game for everyone, not because he just wanted to. Jackie knew he had to stand up and not just give into the racism.

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This picture is related because Jackie Robinson was determined. He was determined to play baseball for not just him, but others, he manager, even his own race. And by persevering he was given determination.
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This picture is also related because Jackie did not stop when he was shot down or beat up. He kept going, not caring of what others might say or think. No matter how many times he was insulted, or beaten, or bruised, he would not stop working. He would not stop persevering.

What have we learned?

Closing this up, the main point is that Jackie Robinson is an amazing example of perseverance. He wouldn't give up, even if he was taunted, beaten, or cussed out. He wouldn't sit down and give up. He would keep going. And that's an example we all need in life.

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