#1 iGTP LC UKM Newsletter

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Yeah! iGTP's 1st Newsletter is finally here <3

Dear iGTP-ians,

I'm proud to introduce to you our department's very own newsletter :) It has been almost two months with all of you.From the very beginning where all of us were strangers, till now where we are all together, striving as one.I've decided to take some time to design this newsletter to showcase how far we've come as a team and also to arrange some of my thoughts and feelings throughout these past 2 months as your VP. I hope you enjoy reading it :)

What We Have Done So Far As A Team <3

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My Personal Sharing :)

I know that I don't usually share my feelings with you all.That's because I totally suck at expressing myself by talking (Don't ask me why am I studying Law :p ),but I'm more used to sharing my feelings and stories through writing.So here goes~

It has been exactly 5 months and 2 days since I was officially elected as VP iGTP of LC UKM and it has not been easy.This past few weeks has been especially hard as many things did not go as planned.

I was thinking very hard about all these things, and actually I think November has been a very introspective month for myself. I have felt the pressure of achieving my goals for this department,this LC and also my own personal life goals.Besides this,I have also felt the pressure of being your leader and I was wondering throughout the whole month if I am the right person to be in this position. I have been questioning my leadership skills and my vision about what I want to accomplish.

Its been a beautiful tough two months, quite humbling. At the beginning when I started my term, I was completely sure and clear on the direction I wanted to have, the things I wanted to achieve and the type of LCVP I wanted to be for you. On the first month it was still ok, meeting you guys, setting our goals and values, seeing how mature, smart and positive you all are is for sure the best thing of it.

Then, things started to happen and I was struggling, and kinda lost myself and what kind of experience I wanted to give you. There was a lot of self-doubt during this time. However,seeing all of you giving the best of you really inspired me a lot and motivated me.I wanted to be the strong and supportive VP that you deserve.So, thanks for not giving up and thanks for keep pushing, and trusting.

Just as I am growing and learning from you guys, I want to make sure that the experience you are living can make you grow as well. iGTP is definitely no easy shit, but I believe in your strenghts, and I believe that we can make our term 14/15 the best iGTP ever in AIESEC UKM history.

Again, thanks for everything!

Special Appreciation <3 Ruth & Ricky

Let's give a shout out to both Ruth and Ricky for a job well done during the Street Fighter Campaign last 28th Nov! Thank you for the time and effort that you've put in to wake up 6+ in the morning just to catch the KTM,LRT and RapidKL to arrive at the destination.I know for a pig like Ruth it is definitely not easy :p I hope that when you look back at this experience,you will see how much you've grown and matured just by making the decision to step out of your comfort zone and also to show commitment to fulfill your promise.

For Vinodh and Boon Keat,don't worry :) There will be more opportunities like this and I hope that when the time comes,all of you will have the courage to grab the opportunity and challenge yourself.

Attached is the video of Street Fighter on the Street :) Go watch our dear Ricky and Ruth!
AIESEC in Malaysia - Street Fighter on the Street (28 Nov 2014)


Today is what you had! Your future is created by what you do today! Therefore, don't hesitate now.Try, do and experience everything you want today!

We are only left with 2 weeks of Sales Peak.I hope that everyone can remember what we talked about during our last meeting.What we do now in these 2 weeks,will decide what we leave behind as our legacy.Keep in mind the goal,to deliver 6 exchange experiences and receive the award for most progressive LC during AIESEC Malaysia Awards Night.
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I've included the song Hall of Fame by The Script.This is the song I always listen to when I'm feeling down or demotivated.The lyrics is truly what I believe in, WE CAN BE ANYTHING WE WANT TO BE, as long as we have the courage to change and the determination to stand up one time more than we fall.
The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am