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Monthly School Newsletter - January 2023

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A Note from Mrs. Wagner

Dear Families,

I sure hope your time over break was wonderful. I fully enjoyed celebrating the holidays at home with a healthy 1-year-old this year! Such a change from the year before when we were starting our long journey in the NICU.

I have to give the biggest shout-out to our PTA for organizing and implementing such wonderful Winter parties for our students. We moved back to all classes in the gym format and it went wonderfully. I can't thank all the parents who donated or volunteered enough! We look forward to another round of fun for our Valentine's parties in February.

It's hard to believe we're now starting 2023 and the second semester of our school year! We encourage you to bring your child to school on time every day because our learning starts with the tardy bell. We know illness can become an issue this time of year and do appreciate it when you follow SPS guidelines to avoid spreading illness at school.

We can't wait to greet your kiddos after the break! Thanks for sharing them with us,

-Mrs. Wagner

Sequiota Principal

Conscious Discipline

One of the skills we work with students on is the Skill of Empathy. Conscious Discipline guides us to understand that "the moment is what it is" and we must use the Power of Acceptance to acknowledge that.

The D.N.A. Process in Conscious Discipline, which stands for Describe, Name, and Acknowledge, helps us move toward offering conscious empathy and empowers us to coach children from the lower centers to the higher centers of their brains in order to solve problems effectively. As we scaffold this process during times of upset, we provide children with an outside voice that will ultimately contribute to a healthy self-regulatory inner voice.

D.N.A. Process:

  • Describe: Your face is going like this (demonstrate their facial expression).
  • Name: You seem _____________ (insert the feeling, angry, sad, disappointed, etc.)
  • Acknowledge: You were hoping for ________________ (state their desire). That's hard, keep breathing, you can do this.

Example: Your face is going like this (demonstrate an upset face). You seem mad. You were hoping to be first in line. That's hard when it's not your turn to lead the line, but you can do this, keep breathing.

You may find more information at

- This approach is helpful at home and school.

Developing Empathy - Conscious Discipline Skills

Upcoming Events

Jan. 4th: Students return after Winter Break

Jan. 12th:

  • PTA Board Meeting 2:00 pm in Sequiota Library
  • PTA General Meeting & Skate Night 6:00 pm at Skateland

Jan. 16th: NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 17th: PAT K-Prep in the cafeteria at 5:30 pm

Jan. 19th: PAT Story Time 9:00 am in the Library

Jan. 26th: SPS U at Hillcrest High School 5:30-8:00 pm

Dates to know in February:

  • Feb. 3rd: Mid-Quarter
  • Feb. 9th: PTA Board Meeting 2 pm in the Library
  • Feb. 10th: Valentine Parties (more info to come from PTA)
  • Feb. 16th: PAT Story Time in the library at 9:00 am
  • Feb. 20th: No School - President's Day
  • Feb. 21st: PAT K-Prep in the cafeteria at 5:30 pm
  • Feb. 24th: Spring Picture Day
  • Feb. 24th: School Dance (hosted by PTA)
Sequiota Elementary Calendar

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Memberships and MORE at this link!


Sequiota Behavior Expectations


This document outlines our behavior expectations for every area of the building.

Teachers will begin teaching these expectations to our students during the first week of school and will continue to reteach these expectations throughout the school year.

Feel free to review these expectations with your children to help reinforce positive choices at school.

Breakfast and Lunch Updates

If your child is eating breakfast at school please arrive no later than 7:00 am so they have plenty of time to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

Students may pack a lunch but microwaves will not be available.

If you have not yet submitted your application for free/reduced lunches, please click HERE


  • Reduced Price Breakfast $0.30

  • Full Price Breakfast $1.60

  • Reduced Price Lunch $0.40

  • Full Price Lunch $2.95

  • Ala Carte Milk $0.65

Menus and how to add money to your student's account can be found here

Please do not send sodas with your child for lunch.

Visitors & Volunteers

In order to be in the building as a visitor during school hours, you must register with our visitor management system in the front office. This requires a driver's license.

If volunteering for the school during school hours we ask that you complete the volunteer application and background check.

For more information please visit this website: OR contact Sara Atkinson our school secretary and volunteer coordinator in the front office.

Lunch Visitors

Families are allowed to eat lunch with their child again - BUT we're asking for the following protocols to be followed:

  1. All visitors must sign in through the hall pass visitor system. This requires a photo i.d. the first time you sign-in.
  2. Please limit the number of visitors who come for lunch to two adults. Non-SPS siblings should not attend with the visitors.
  3. Please save these visits for special occasions - students need to interact with their peers at lunch.
  4. Families must sit at the visitor tables with their child only (other students will not be allowed to sit with you). There are two designated tables to sit at (look for the signs that say "Visitor Table"). Please do not bring food for other students either.
  5. Please do not wander around the lunch room interacting with all students. This is a connection for you and your child.
  6. Once we start dumping trash for your child's grade level please say your goodbyes and have them return to their class tables.
  7. Please show up on time. It's hard for students to watch their peers eat while waiting.
  8. Please refrain from taking pictures with other students in the background. Some of our students are on a media block and we do not want to dishonor their parent's wishes.
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