Show Your True Perseverance!

6 amazing people will show you the power of perseverance

Perplexed about Perseverance?

Steve Jobs once said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” What does perseverance mean, you might ask? Perseverance is the continued effort to keep going. To have a goal and though you may stumble and you may go through many adversities, you keep working toward your goal. It means you will triumph no matter what. Many, if not all, of the successful people in the world have had to persevere to become successful.

Losing To Win

Losing To Win is a short documentary on teenage girls with severe problems at home that go to Carroll Academy and play on a basketball team. The girls at Carroll Academy had a very tough life at home. Either their parents were divorced, in jail, or abusive. Many of the girls that attend have abused drugs at a very young age. Carroll Academy’s basketball team does not win very often. In fact, it’s rather rare; their last win was some time during 2005. At first this must have upset the girls, it must have added to the pressure of having a life at home they didn’t choose, but over the years they have come to realize they don’t really play on the team to win. They have realized they don’t need to win, because just playing on the basketball team with all their friends gives them the sense of a family and home. It gives them the feeling that they belong, and they don’t have to win to know that. In fact, losing gives the coaches the opportunity to teach them lessons. For some of the girls the coach is the closest thing they have to a dad. Therefore, the girls at Carroll Academy overcome their adversities by persevering and playing basketball. They lose basketball games but they win a lot more than they lose; a family, friends, and life lessons they will never forget.

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Noble Jackie Robinson

Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard are some of the most famous, current African American baseball players. African Americans are common, even popular, on major league baseball teams now, but, the first ever African American man to join a major league baseball team was Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson has changed the course of baseball for African Americans everywhere just by joining the “Noble Experiment”. Though Jackie faced a lot of rejection in many different ways, he was told to keep his composure and head high, or he would just prove them all right. Some of these adversities, as stated in the “Noble Experiment”, were hostility from generally everyone around him, from the crowd to his teammates, cruel insults were tossed around like they are nothing, negativity from the press, and bean balls (pitches thrown to hit the batter's face) during the game. Though Jackie went through all of these adversities, joining the “Noble Experiment” paid off in the end since he has changed the world. For example, “Jackie Robinson’s Accomplishment Reached Beyond the Seats” an article by Michael Kinsman states, “Robinson showed us in definitive terms that blacks were the equal of whites in every aspect. He showed exemplary character and courage as a knockout punch to racism.” Therefore joining the “Noble Experiment” caused Jackie Robinson to go through many adversities but, as a result, he also caused equality in baseball, and made history by being the first African American to play in major league baseball.

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Never Give In

Winston Churchill is a tenacious and positive historical figure. He was born in November of 1874. His childhood wasn’t the best. His parents were never around due to their traveling. The nanny that cared for him was more of a mother than his actual mom. Throughout his life he has shown tenacity, eloquent speaking, and great leadership. For example in 1941 he gave the speech Never Give In. In this speech he repeatedly shows how eloquent of a speaker he was. However, Winston Churchill is best known for leading his country through World War 2 (from September 1st 1939- September 2nd 1945). This shows his tenacity because people thought the enemy was seemingly undefeatable and they had almost no hope. During this time Winston Churchill had many triumphs. Some of his triumphs were writing autobiographies about his experiences during this time. Another triumph was being the prime minister twice in two separate terms, and giving many speeches to his country for not giving in and persevering through tough times. During World War II he said, “Do not let us speak of darker days: let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days - the greatest days our country has ever lived”. Since Winston was an optimist he didn’t like to think of the days as “dark” instead he wanted to think of them as “stern” because he didn’t think they were in as much trouble as everyone thought they were. He also did not want the people to worry. In conclusion, Winston Churchill showed great tenacity, eloquent speaking, and positivity.
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Persevering Presents

People prove time and time again that you will face adversities, but you can overcome them. Jackie Robinson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leroy, and Dartanyon have shown us to keep your composure and your head high through all adversities. Winston Churchill has proven tenacity and positivity can get you very far in life, and lastly, the girls at Carroll Academy have shown us that winning is not always the best thing in life. Therefore, by persevering you can get through all your adversities and you can reach your triumph.