Alta Vista Monthly Update


Phase 3 Modified Schedule

Hi Everyone!

Monday 22nd is going to be an exciting day for the elementary schools in Auburn! This is the first day with all our students attending school for 5 days. I have sent out a reopening plan but if you missed it, you can review below.

Some exciting changes to our school day include:

- All kids together for 4 hours of learning

- 4 hours of instruction 8-12

- 20 minute nutrition break

- Grab and go lunch

- Asynchronous work after school

- Cohort C live streaming in the afternoon.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the school office.

Thank you,

Nicole Cumbra


Challenging Times

Ways to Help your Child During these Times

  • Remind children to social distance

  • Remind children to wear their mask properly

  • Establish your new daily routine this may take some time as children have had new routines since school closures began in March 2020

  • Focus on the positive to reduce potential stress or worry

  • Take time to talk about any questions or concern children may have

  • Stay connected to your school

Social Emotional Behavioral Support


We have 2 Toolbox Tools to learn this month: Taking Time Tool and Apology and Forgiveness Tool.
Toolbox Taking Time Tool
Toolbox - Taking Time
Toolbox Apology and Forgiveness Tool

Technology Support

If you are experiencing issues with your Chromebook please do a Hard Reset before contacting Technical Support. To do a Hard Reset, Press and hold the “Refresh” key and then press the “Power” button and release both.

To contact Technical Support call (530) 745 8840 or send an email to