Grammar Rant!

Raye Trudniak

Sounds the same, but doesn't mean the same!

Grammar is a very important factor when it comes to how other people view you. Correct grammar makes a person seem educated and mature. While i’m sure everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to grammar, mine are pretty straight forward. Words that sound the same do not always have the same meaning.

An example of the statement above is the difference between your and you’re. The word “your” is used in terms of possession. It represents ownership of an object. For example, if we were talking about a coat, we would say “This is your coat.” On the other hand, the word “you’re” means “you are.” Under this circumstance, we would say “You’re the owner of the coat.”

Another example of some words that sound the same but have different meanings are there, their and they’re. The word “there” is used when we want to show the location of something. For example, if we are speaking about a dog, we will say “The dog ran over there.” The word “their” is another word that shows ownership. In the situation about the dog, we would say “It is their dog.” “They’re proud of the dog.” is a sentence using the correct contraction of the word “they’re” which means “they are.”

The words “hear” and “here” are the last of my grammar pet peeves. Hear refers to the sense. One uses their ears to hear, not to here. The word “here” is similar to there. It is used to tell the location of an object. For example, “Your pencil is right here.”

It is important to know the difference between these words that sound the same. When one is speaking, it is less important, but in writing it makes a world of difference. You will not be taken seriously if your grammar is incorrect on formal papers for school or things such as job resumes.

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