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Love Triangle in Boston

The Vertex

Hester Prynne the vertex of the triangle.Wife of Chillingworth but love partterns with Arthur Dimmesdale. And we thougth he wasn't sin. But only the one up top can judge. But it doesn't stop there though we cant forget the two legs.

The Legs

Wow!!The most intereting story in this magazine since slice bread. The legs of the triangle Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. Where do we start. Well if we may lets start with the dead beat husband who may have caused this. Chillingworth arrived in the Boston after years of spearation between him and his wife. He didnt embrace his wife but wanted to seek revenge on the second leg of our triangle. Dimmesdale a well respect member of the community. He showed Hester the love she wanted and was there when she was at her weakest point in life. Who would you keep? A dead beat or a back bone and a support system. You decide!.

True Love can never be broken

Keyshia Cole "Trust and Believe" (Lyrics on Screen)