To Chew or Not to Chew?

An essay about the benefits of yummy bubble gum

Issue: Should Gum Be Allowed In Schools?

Clearly, gum should be allowed in schools because it helps students to focus and to concentrate on their work. Some people may think that it distracts students and is messy, but they are forgetting the fact that it is very beneficial. I will be talking about the benefits of gum and how it isn't only for blowing bubbles

What are the benefits and some evidence that shows that gum really does help?

First off, gum isn't only for chewing gum. Many studies have shown that kids who chew gum while taking a test, will actually get a higher score than the ones who weren't. Also, some gum companies has also said that chewing gum helps the brain process information faster. Gum also helps you concentrate on work and helps you to focus on just one thing without multi-tasking. In schools when kids are taking a test, many teachers actually give them gum because they are aware of the benefits. Some people think that gum distracts people, is messy (especially for janitors), and it causes cavities and gum problems, but it is so much more than that. So next time you open the wrapper, think of the benefits.