Novels- Asian people and culture


Soraya the storyteller

Rosanne Hawke

Soraya, the storyteller, keeps her memories of Afghanistan alive while living in uncertainty under temporary protection in Australia. An ebony horse flies through her dreams helping her to find a strange land where she can be safe.


Little Brother

Vithy is in war-torn Cambodia searching for his only remaining family member, his older brother.

Allan Baillie


Battles and quests

Includes- The great bell of Peking (Chinese)

Retold by Anthony Horowitz

Big Gold Mountain

Chinese in the goldmining era

Bookweb series

written by John Parsons

Chinese Cinderella : the secret story of an unwanted daughter

The plight of a young girl who, because of traditional Chinese beliefs, is rejected by her family at birth

Adeline Yen Mah

Chook Chook Mei's Secret Pets

Since the death of Mei's father, her ma has refused to keep animals on the family farm. So when Mei finds two baby chickens, she shares her delightful discovery with no-one but her older brother Guo. Mei does her best to keep her newfound friends a secret, but all does not go as planned. When Ma sells the chooks to the fearsome one-eyed butcher, their fates seem sealed. Is there anything Mei can do to save her beloved chooks from the butcher's knife.

Written by Wai Chin

Claw of the dragon (also titled Snatched by pirates)

Billy Shanghai Hamilton has been snatched by pirates in the Torres Strait and forced to work on a pearling boat. Greed for pearls drives men mad and the seas are full of danger. Soon Billy is fighting for survival in a dangerous world of assassins, treasure hunters, deep-sea diving, underworld crime and mutiny.

My Australian Story series

by Patricia Bernard

Dragonkeeper series

Dragon Dawn


Dragon Moon

By Carole Wilkinson

Foreign devil

Christine Harris

Kalo Li's new country

by Kalo Li as told to Hazel Edwards

Sparklers serices

New gold mountain : the diary of Shu Cheong

Shu Cheong, with his father and uncle, sets off on the arduous journey to Australia's goldfields, hoping to bring back wealth for their village. But, following their deaths, Shu cannot return home without his father's body so must stay in Australia alone. Relations between the European miners and Chinese are tense and violent attacks against the Chinese are common.

My Australian Story series

Christopher W. Cheng

Peacock girl

Lily Wu ; [illustrated by] Kathy Huang, Di Wu

The tiger's whisker and other stories

Includes The betrothal : a story from China

retold by Virginia King ; illustrations by Xiangyi Mo and Jingwen Wang

The Chinese temple treasure an adventure

by Pat Edwards

Popcorn series

The melting pot : the diary of Edward, Chek Chee

t is 1903, the time of the White Australia Policy, and Edward Chek Chee is the son of a mixed marriage. His father is Chinese, his mother Australian and Edward tries to fit in to both cultures. He has to cope with racism at school and bigotry from his cousin at home, while worrying about having to go back to China to understand his ancestral roots.

My Australian Story series

by Christopher W. Cheng

The race for the Chinese zodiac

The Jade Emperor has declared a great race. The first animals to cross the river will win a place in the Chinese Zodiac. But, there are only twelve places to be won and thirteen animals line up along the shore.

by Gabrielle Wang

Ratwhiskers and me

A prose-verse novel, set amidst the chaos and brutality of the Victorian goldfields in the 1800s. The narrator, traumatised by a fire in which her family died, and her mangy dog, Ratwhiskers, are befriended by a Chinese boy. Posing as a boy, she flees to the Chinese camp, pretending to be Chinese and taking a new name.

Lorraine Marwood

Shen of the sea : Chinese stories for children

The Spring of butterflies and other folktales of China's minority peoples translated by He LiyiThe Spring of butterflies and other folktales of China's minority peoples

translated by He Liyi

The willow pattern story Lucienne Fontannaz

text by Barbara Ker Wilson


Destination: Mumbai, India

SWAT, Secret World Adventure Team (Series)

In the shadow of the palace

Set in 23 C India

Judith A. Simpson


Cairo Jim and the lagoon of tidal magnificence : a Sumatran tale of splendour

Cairo Jim and his friends find another mystery of history deep within the Sumatran jungles, involving a legendary ancient palace and the sudden mysterious mass disappearance of the Turkish Women's Olympic championship Tent Erection team.

Geoffrey McSkimming

Sarindi and the lucky bird

Janine M. Fraser ; illustrated by Kim Gamble


Destination: Tokyo, Japan

SWAT, Secret World Adventure Team (Series)

The forgotten pearl

Belinda Murrell

Set in Australia in 1941.

Kimono code

Susannah McFarlane

EJ12 Girl Hero series

Traveling Solo to Japan

Solo series

The two foolish cats

A play based on a traditional story from Japan retold by Leanna Traill ; illustrated by John Tarlton

Literacy Links series

White crane

Sandy Fussell


The tiger's whisker and other stories

Includes The tiger's whisker : a story from Korea

retold by Virginia King ; illustrations by Xiangyi Mo and Jingwen Wang


The Buddha head

Roy Stubbs

Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

SWAT, Secret World Adventure Team

Written by Lisa Thompson


Glass Tears

Tian and her family make a special glass bouquet to place on their father's grave. Some years before, he had left Vietnam on a ship bound for wider, browner lands, but never came home. Based on a true event from the 1940s

by Jane Jolly

The Red Bridge

Claire and her family have moved from Australia to Vietnam. She feels lost and lonely in the busy, bustling streets of Hanoi, until she finds the red bridge and a new friend to show her the way.

by Kylie Dunstan

Secrets and sisterhood

Set in Australia during the Vietnam War.

My Australian Story series

Jenny Pausacker

The tiger's whisker and other stories

Includes The fairy grotto : a story from Vietnam.

retold by Virginia King ; illustrations by Xiangyi Mo and Jingwen Wang

The happiest refugee : the extraordinary true story of a boy's journey from starvation at sea to becoming one of Australia's best-loved comedians

Ahn Do

Hell's corner

written by Louise Hodge ; illustrated by Dick Evans


The boys at North Illaba Primary School form a cricket team. The team includes students from different cultures and they combine to celebrate their common interests, not their diversities.

Ruth Starke