American Dream Flyer

Makenna Breuer

Definition of American Dream.

The American Dream is the right to do what you think is good for you, to be free. To be able to have a career that best suits you. To have the perfect family. To have everything you want in life
The American Dream
This video connects to all the American dream because its defining what most people view is the real American dream. Then in the end it says that this isn't everyones dream. So its saying that we need to change the ideal American Dream


When trying to achieve your American Dream, there may be some problems that you come across. It could be gender, race, religion etc. When being a women you get paid less than men do as Kevin Maggiacomo stated in his Awakening the American Dream speech. Depending your race can get in the way of what you're trying to achieve due to stereotypes.

My Beliefs

I strongly believe that the American dream is still out there. Its just not the same to everyone as it used to be. I think the idea of the American dream will never completely change. Everyone usually pictures the perfect family with the perfect job. Only some picture it differently.