Virtual Meeting Reflection

Group 5, Lexy Delvaux

1. How Did It Go?

The meeting was quick and efficient, there were no difficulties with the technology or with there being too much background noise this time.

2. What is Your Role in the Group Project?

My role is to create a 5 minute long presentation of some kind about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and how this ties in with anxiety in students.

3. How is TRELLO Working for You?

I was really annoyed with it at first to be honest because I was really confused by how it works. I am still not 100% comfortable using it, and I do not particularly like it, but it's accomplishing its purpose, so I guess it is okay.

4. What Can Dr. Kritzer do to Assist Your Group?

Dr. Kritzer can continue to be our "guide on the side" and help us when we have questions, just as he always does. Clear instructions on what our group's next step should be will always be appreciated!
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