Bridges Virtual Summer Program

Student Enrichment Opportunities

Make the most of your summer!

Bridges Virtual offers a wide variety of middle and high school online courses to help you get a head start on your course work.

About the Program

Have a part-time job over the summer? All courses are designed to fit your needs, so you can login when you have the time.

Individualized pacing- complete your courses based on your needs.

Access your courses anywhere you have an internet connection! - The ROADs app gives you mobile access using iOS and Android devices. Access grades and other course information using your cell phone, tablet or personal computer.


Bridges Virtual works with Advanced Academics to deliver online content and instruction.

The comprehensive course offerings meet high school graduation requirements and are tied to the Common Core.

Detailed progress tracking so you can monitor your grades more closely.

Certified teachers are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via phone, email and chat to provide one-on-one support.


Bridges Virtual understands that all online students have different needs. We understand the importance of providing individualized attention and support.

Our dedicated Online Learning Associate provides personalized communication throughout the enrollment process and student guidance and support throughout your courses.


Enrichment opportunities are available for $275 per course.

The cost for a full credit course is $400.

How do I get registered?

Talk to your school today to discuss what courses will work for you. Next, register for your courses using our online registration form. Payment is due at the time of registration by use of credit card.

Visit the Bridges Virtual website for program details and registration information.