Keiter's Class Team Newsletter

March 2016


Welcome to all of our new team mates! This is our monthly newsletter, which celebrates all of our team accomplishments for the past month.

Be sure to check out (TOT) for all of the latest announcements and upcoming events. You will also receive an email each Monday from Home Office called the 411 with important information as well.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your Thirty-One business. I am here to support you on your journey!

Time to Celebrate!

Top 5 in Personal Volume in February

Helena Paul - $1,519

Michele Shank - $1,213

Sarah Smith - $462

Brittany Newell - $287

Leah Booker - $276

Mary Jo's Stats

PV $2,813

5 Parties

1 New Team Member

Registration is now open

Better Together meetings are the perfect place to hear helpful tips about how to grow your business while also connecting and learning from other Consultants in your area.

Next month’s meeting will take place between April 16-23, and it includes info about the Spring Gift Guide, important messages from Cindy and Christina, plus tips from some of our top Consultants.

I am hosting my meeting on Saturday, April 23rd from 9 to 10:30 AM at the Highspire First Church of God. As always, you are free to register for any meeting that fits your schedule.

Eat That Frog Team Retreat

Don't forget to RSVP for our Team Retreat on April 2, 2016. The retreat runs from 9 am until 5 pm. We are meeting at the Highspire First Church of God. Members of Erin Ryan's team - the Shamrockers - will be joining us for an inspiring day of training and fun.

National Conference - the Biggest Party in Town

Are you registered for National Conference? Visit TOT for more details on this amazing experience.