Ansel Adams

The Bronson of photography

Life of the Man Behind the Camera

Ansel Adams was born February 20 1902, in San Francisco California. His family came to California from New England, having migrated from Ireland in the early 1700s. In 1916, following a trip to Yosemite National Park, he also began experimenting with photography. He developed and sold his early photographs at Best’s Studio in Yosemite Valley. He began to specialize in close ups as well as large forms. In 1928, Ansel Adams married Virginia Best, the daughter of the Best’s Studio proprietor. Adams' breakthrough followed the publication of his first portfolio, Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras. Between 1929 and 1942 he began to publish essays and instructional books on photography. Adams continued his work into the late 70's and died on April 22, 1984.