The Life Of Al Capone

Birth of Al capone

Al Capone was born on Jan. 17,1899 to Gabriel and Teresina Capone. His parents were immigrants from Italy who came to America for a better life. Capone had two brothers and a sister.


One of the prisons he's been to is the Eastern State penitentiary but he wasn't necessarily learning a lesson. He payed off the guards and it was like they treated him different than all the others he sold their furniture and brought furniture in his cell. it looked like a hotel suite. He was also sent for carrying a concealed weapon.


Capone was sent to Alcatraz because of tax evasion and not following the rules from the other prison. The judge knew that Capone had the ability to pay the Jury off, so the judge changed the jury selection. Capone was found guilty and sentenced to Alcatraz.
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In 1939 Capone was suffering from syphilis. He was released from the prison and sent to a hospital. He then recovered and came back to Miami. In 1937 he died of cardiac arrest. He is buried in Mount Caramel Cemetery in Illinois.
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He died in January 25, 1947, at the age of 48. He was buried at the Mount Caramel Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.
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