The Cardigan Party

Sweater Weather is Better Weather

What's it all about?

The Cardigan Party is all about setting up a system of government that does not define the country not control the citizens' movements. The government should protect the citizens and cover their basic needs while allowing them to make their own decisions for themselves. The government will comfort the people, but not hand them what they did not work for. We want this country to be one full of people who work hard and earn what they need to survive, not one where the government hands out freebies and is looked down on by other countries! We want America to stand tall due to the strength of the citizens!
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The Cardigan Party will fit everyone's needs by letting the people fill their own needs.

We represent the people and giving them the power to choose their own lives.

There is a cardigan out there best fit for everyone!

Why vote Cardigan?

If the Cardigan Party is voted to house, the government will allow the people to make decisions for themselves on how to live their own life. Things will be handed out fairly to the citizens and the people will feel comfortable with the government, but not controlled by it.