World War Z

Omar Mendez, Marco Gurrola

Summary of Plot

The zombie plague in world war z starts in a steady way with the main character Max Brook discovering "patient zero". The situation escalates dramatically when organs are sold through the black market and human trafficing begins to become more relevant. The zombies become worldwide as the main characters try to survive and maintain a stable society.

The Zombie Metaphor

The zombies in "World war Z" are traditional flesh eating Zombies that can be metephorically portrayed as a "media in relation to plauges" type of relationship as stated from Boluk and Lenz which have very little in common with Forster movie's adaptation of "World War Z". Nevertheless both adaptations has similar meanings behind them which is trying to stop an epidemic. An actual real life example of this is Ebola, once news broke out that someone in Texas was infected it made headlines everywhere and there was constant fear of it becoming a widespread disease and possibly infecting a loved one or yourself. Well that same fear is what authors and directors try to inflict upon the audience but they also add the fear of a social devastation everywhere. Which basically means that the characters are put in situations where they have to adapt and make some sacrifices in order to survive. "Zombies have in common is a flexible creature designed to evoke our macabre and natural disasters, conflicts, and wars" those are some of the most fearful things to the majority of us and those are the things zombies stand for.


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