Kindergarten Beach Buddies

December 1-5

Greetings from Kindergarten!

Winter Holidays

We have started learning about a variety of winter holidays such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. We made Kwanzaa beads that we will paint next week.

The Good Birds Club

Thanks for supporting Awareness Wednesday...we were looking good in our orange! Wednesday we talked about including others at recess, lunch, and in our classroom. We watched a great little video clip about the "Good Birds Club". I added the link below so you can watch it home's a great reminder for all of us!
Sesame Street: The Good Birds' Club

Word Family Rings

You may have noticed a set of word family cards in your child's folder this week. These can stay in the word case like your star words. These word cards are great practice for applying letter sounds and word chunks. We have been focusing on the AT family and soon will add the AN family.


Looking for a way to donate to our classroom? We are in need of:

C Batteries

Mechanical pencils

Plastic folders with three prongs

Tape dispenser

Thank you for thinking of us!

Guided Reading Levels in Book Orders

When you order from book orders, you can frequently find the guided reading level on the forms and online. See the pictures below to help you find where the levels are listed. Our goal is for kindergartners to read at least a level C independently by the end of the year.
Big image
Big image

Technology to Share...

Be sure to stop by our blog to see a video from our fruit feast.

iPad Apps

A challenging math app...
A kid-friendly slideshow making app...

Grinch Day

Friday is GRINCH DAY! Come dressed in green and ready for some grinchy fun! The kindergartners are invited to bring something to show/share that would make the Grinch grin. (toy, treat, picture, etc.)

Cookie Help

We are looking for some volunteers to help us make cookies on Monday, December 23. (morning) Let me know if you are interested! Thank you!

Upcoming Important Dates:

December 8 - Return your Razzle Dazzle reading sheet. Let's get 100% this week!

December 8 and 9 - Mrs. Z at technology conference in Minneapolis (guest teacher)

December 12 - Grinch Day...wear green!

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving...I enjoyed hearing about your family time. Next week we will finish our Kwanzaa beads and prepare for GRINCH day! Note that Monday and Tuesday I will be at a technology conference in Minneapolis. I am looking forward to learning more ideas for incorporating technology into our learning. Mrs. Gilbertson will be our guest teacher. Have a great week!

Wishing you peace

and everything good,