Jackson Jaguars ROAR 2021-2022

May 2022

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Jackson Families,

It is so hard to believe that the school year will soon be over. What started with a pandemic has ended with us all coming back together as a community. While the Jackson staff is already making plans for the 2022-2023 school year, we can't help but reflect on this year and what a year is has been!

What We Have Done

PreK students not only learned how to interact with each other during play and learning, but also enjoyed spending time with their class pets, Hermit Crabs. Kindergarten families set up a pumpkin patch, right here on campus. First graders went on their first field trip to the ENT Center to watch "Seussical the Musical". Second graders received their own bicycles complete with a new helmet. Jackson third graders practiced and executed a wonderful Recorders concert. Fourth graders learned about fire safety. Fifth graders spent a week at Peterson Air Force Base working on STEAM activities and even brought our community back together for the first performance in 2 years. 22 Jackson students performed in their very, first musical of "Cinderella". Our young ladies persevered through a 5K with other strong, young ladies at the Girls on the Run event. Our students PreK-5 walked in the annual Coronado Homecoming Parade. And overall, our students rediscovered what it means to truly be an AVID Successful Student. What a year!


During the 2022-2023 school year, there will be a noticeable change in expectations for our students' attendance. With the pandemic (hopefully) behind us, students will be receiving more targeted instruction to help fill the gaps in their academics.

By Colorado law, students (age 6-17) may ONLY miss 11 school days a school year and they must be on time each morning (start time is 8:00am). We start instruction at 8:00am, so any time missed, is an opportunity for their learning gap to grow. Students absent for 3 days or more, must have a doctor's note for an excused absence. As AVID students, we all must help support them in taking ownership of their learning. Attendance is a HUGE part of that. Always, call the front office, reach out to me, and/or your classroom teacher for any support you need!

Family Events

We will also be asking families to get more involved with their student's learning. We will have more opportunities for families to attend activities with their children. Of course, we will continue our tradition of our Open House, Trunk or Treat, PTO (Parent/Teacher Organization) Parent/Teacher Conferences, Musicals, sports events, etc. but we will also provide opportunities for families to learn alongside their children. If you would like to be a part of the planning and/or volunteer, we welcome you with open arms. (Look for more information next school year.)

For a student to truly be successful and ready for the next educational journey in their lives (ie. Middle School), we all MUST work together to make this happen.

Thank You!

On behalf of the Jackson staff, I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support of the Jackson community. Jackson is a very special place and I am honored to be able to be a part of not only our students' and staff's lives, but also yours! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your children each and every day!

As always, if you still have some questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you,

Sara Miller

Principal, Jackson Elementary


Upcoming Events-May

May 2nd
  • Kinder and 1st Tech Day

May 3rd

  • 4th and 5th Tech Day

May 4th

  • 2nd & 3rd Tech Day

May 6th

  • 8:15-11:30 Field Day
  • 1:00-2:00 Cinderella

May 10th

  • Science to Stage for 3rd-5th grade

May 11th

  • Band and Orchestra Concert 1:30 & 6:00pm

May 13th

  • Kindergarten Registration

May 19th

  • Kindergarten Celebrations 9:00
  • 5th grade Continuation 9:30

May 20th

  • Last Day of School

June 6-July 1 8:00-1:30

  • Summer Bridge at Bristol Elementary

Cinderella, the Musical

Jackson's first musical, directed by Monica Slabach and co-directed by Katie Howard, was an absolute success! These 22 actors were spectacular! We could not be more proud of these students!

Cinderella-Makenna Short

Godmother/Beggar Woman-Amara Lawson

Stepmother-Charlotte Cooper

Pearl-Azariah McGhee

Gertriude-Julianna Pekari

Prince-Kayden Jacob

King-Remy Hoag

Queen-Evelyn Graves


Narrators: Laurel English, Diamond Lapp, Azmera Moss, Marlowe Schatte, Sophia Diaz, Emireth Lugo

King's Messengers-Cooper Ribley, Elijah Stark, AJ Thompson-Perrin

Animals/Puppeteers-Alyssa Krejcarek, Scott Ribley, Zada Salinas, Cora Walsh

Villagers-River Hoag, Lilith Jones, Harper Ulanski

Summer Bridge at Bristol Elementary

Summer Bridge Program

This summer, we will be partnering with Bristol Elementary School for our Summer Bridge Program (at Bristol Elementary). If your students is in grades K-4 received an invitation for this summer program, they will get to participate in not only support for Reading and Writing, but also specials and field trips.

Summer Bridge is June 6-July 1, 8:00am-1:30pm. Breakfast (7:45-8:00) and Lunch will be served.

If students typically ride the school bus to Jackson each day, read the bus schedule below. Families MUST either be at the bus stop to pick up their child on time or students may walk home (with your permission).

Big picture
Big picture

Library Books-Return and Bills

If your child is missing a piece of their technology (ie. charger) and/or a library book, you will receive a bill. Please either return the items listed as soon as possible or pay your bill (cash, check, or online) before the end of the school year.

For every bill that goes unpaid, it takes money away from our already limited budget to replace the item or purchase supplies, materials, curriculum, projects, etc. that students need for their education. If you are unable to pay, please reach out to Rhonda Sobecki (Library Technology Educator) or Sara Miller (Principal) to make arrangements.

We appreciate your support!

Field Day-May 6th

Field Day will be on Friday, May 6th from 8:15am to 11:00am. Many students look forward to this day all year! Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to offer lunch for parents/guardians. Lunch will be in the classroom this year for students only! We are hopeful that next year, we can return to our tradition of having a full barbecue lunch for all participants and guests.

The purpose of Field Day is for students to play and compete, but mostly have fun! Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen, dress in layers, wear a hat, bring a water bottle, etc.

Students have practiced very hard in Physical Education this year to develop their skills, and now it’s time to show off a little!

I am proud to say that this year, we are welcoming our parents/guardians back to Jackson's Field Day. Families are encouraged to attend, model good sportsmanship, and cheer on all of our Jaguar competitors. This day is a whole lot better when the “fans” show up!

April Award Recipients-Organization & Integrity

After a full semester of focusing on all R.O.A.R. (Respectful, On Task, Always Safe, and Responsible) expectations, we spent April focusing on the character traits of being Organized and showing Integrity, which fall under Responsible.

In May, we will recognize students who exemplify overall ROAR behavior.

Looking for something fun for your school-aged child over the summer?

Come see what the Jackson Adventure Club is offering for the summer!

They offer full or part time care, right here at Jackson. Students will participate in fun, summer activities to keep the mind and body busy. They will take 3 field trips each week and engage in fun-filled activities.

Please give Ms. Linda a call at (719) 548-9248 for more information. They hope to see you!!!

Are you returning to Jackson for the 2022-2023 school year?


Please fill out the form that was sent home or click on this link to complete the online form to share with us if your child(ren) is coming back for the 2022-2023 school year!


If you still do not know, you can select that as a choice. The information each of you submits will help us plan for the next school year.

Thank you

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Ruiz

What a year! I have really enjoyed working with you and your children this school year.

Here are some resources for your child(ren) for the summer.





Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need anything.

Please feel free to send me a dojo message, call me, or email me at leslie.ruiz@d11.org with any questions.

Leslie Clinite Ruiz, LCSW, MA

District 11 School Social Worker Department Chair

School Social Worker

Jackson Elementary School

Colorado Springs School District 11

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(719) 328-5836 Desk

(719) 328-5800 Jackson Main office

(719) 328-5813 Attendance

Media Center Moments

Summer Reading Program

Be sure and check out the free summer reading program – Summer Adventure at the Pikes Peak Library District. Children from early childhood through elementary school track their reading time, earn prizes, and explore all kinds of fun at library events. This super program will start on June 1st. Have a great summer reading!

Summer Book Giveaway

We hope your child(ren) is enjoying the books they were able to select from the Book Giveaway. The students had a great time choosing two books to take home. Having books available to read in the home is one of the indicators for reading success with all students – so keep on reading!

Tips for Summer Reading with Your Child

Here are some tips to make reading fun and enjoyable this summer.

  • Connect read-aloud choices to summer activities. For example, read your child books about camping before or after a camping trip. When you read and discuss books about things your child has experienced, you help your child learn important vocabulary and extend understanding of experiences.
  • Allow your child to choose books for summer reading. It is important for your children to read about topics that interest them, whether is is insects, dinosaurs, LEGOs, Barbie’s or a favorite fiction series.
  • Encourage your child not to limit summer reading to books. Encourage your child to read the sports page to check up on a favorite baseball team or to read children’s magazines such as Kids Discover, Ranger Rick Jr., or comic books. These magazines and similar ones are available at the public library.
  • Read a book and watch the movie together. When you finish reading and viewing, discuss the similarities and differences and talk about which version you prefer. Many books, including Stuart Little, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, How to Eat Fried Worms, and The Wind in the Willows are available along with their movie versions at the public library.

Take books along on your outings. Pack books in your picnic basket or backpack and bring a stack on long car rides to visit relatives. You and your child can enjoy books together anywhere you go this su

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Sobecki (rhonda.sobecki@d11.org) or 719-325-5824) in your Media Center.


Rhonda Sobecki

Rhonda.sobecki@d11.org or 719-328-5824.

Jackson Contact Information

Jackson Office: 719.328.5800

Attendance Line: 719.328.5813

Mrs. Sara Miller, Principal: sara.miller@d11.org

Mrs. Tricia Shirola, Administrative Assistant: tricia.shirola@d11.org

Mrs. Becky Hemphill, Staff Assistant: rebecca.hemphill@d11.org

Mrs. Leslie Clinite-Ruiz, Social Worker: leslie.ruiz@d11.org

Mrs. Rhonda Sobecki, Library Technology Teacher: rhonda.sobecki@d11.org

Mrs. Jennifer Johns, Teaching & Learning Coach: jennifer.johns@d11.org

Mrs. Taryn Wynkoop, Teaching & Learning Coach: taryn.wynkoop@d11.org

Staff contact information can be found here: https://www.d11.org/domain/733