First Cellphone!

Motorola 8000x


The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was invented/tested by Dr. Martin Cooper and crew. This is the first hand-held mobile device that has been tested on April 3, 1973 but will not be sold on the market until 1984. It will take more than a decade before it is able to be bought and used by the public. The target date for the release of the phone is March 13, 1984.


This cellphone costs only $3995 and weighs about 1.8 pounds which can be easily carried around! It stands about 13 in. tall with an extendable antenna to be used when there isn't enough signal, you can decide! The phone takes 10 hours for a full charge which if you charge it while you sleep, it shouldn't be a problem. This gives you 30 whole minutes of talk time on the Motorola 8000x! The cellphone can store 30 phone numbers that are programmed inside so you don't have to remember them yourself.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Motorola 8000x may cost a lot, but it's all worth it. You are able to carry a hand-held device on you wherever you go. This can help you if you are not near a wall phone or are on the go and need to contact someone. Not only does this phone have the 12 basic keys but also has 9 additional buttons that can be used for other purposes. Hurry and add your name to this 6 month waiting list, it can only get longer!

By: Taylor Walton, Erica Conjelko, and Piper Muire