M-STEP Updates

Updates as of March 16th

M-STEP Questions and Answers

Can students pause the test at the end of the day and finish it the following day?

  • No. Sessions will lock at the end of each day and cannot be reopened by a student.

If a student takes a break longer than 20 minutes, will they be able to review items answered before the break?

  • Yes.

What happens if a student goes home sick in the middle of a test?

  • The testing session will close at the end of the day. Specific protocol is being established and will be explained in the Test Administration Manuals.

Will students receive a new test ticket for each part of the test?

  • Each session of the online test has it's own ticket. This may result in up to 7 tickets per student.

How are testing tickets generated for students?

  • Building Test Coordinators will generate the tickets.

What do we do with the testing tickets once they are used by students to log in?

  • Test administrators should collect the tickets immediately after students have successfully logged on. Return them to the building Test Coordinator after testing and they should be destroyed.

Can students be moved from one location to another to complete the test?

  • Yes. It must be completed within the same instructional day and students will need their original test ticket to log in on the new computer.

Will posters need to be taken down in testing rooms?

  • Yes, all rooms must have posters and other materials removed if it relates to content or testing.

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