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the attack and death of bob ewell

Once upon an evening dreary, as Bob Ewell walked weak and weary, after many drinks and forgotten memory-while Scout and Jem were nearly hustling, suddenly there came a rustling, as if someone were shuffling, shuffling is what Jem swore.

"Tis Cecil Jacobs," Scout shuttered, "shuffling on the dirt floor, only this, and nothing more."

Mr. Bob Ewell attacked Scout and Jem Finch Saturday, outside the Radley house. Mr. Ewell was angry at Mr. Atticus Finch and swore he would get back at him for what he had done. Ewell attacked the children with a kitchen knife. Ewell fell on his knife. He died almost immediately.

"That crazy man fell on his knife. No clue why he did what he did. Odds are he was drunk, that's why he stumbled on his knife, Arthur Radley definitely didn't stab him with a kitchen knife. Mr. Ewell fell...on his knife...and died," said Heck Tate, the Maycomb County Sheriff.

Mayella Ewell and all the other children now have no father or mother. They will be put in an orphanage, except Mayella. She's on her own.

Lynch is the name

Atticus Finch faced a mob that embedded a memory he will never forget.

Atticus Finch was sitting outside Tom Robinson's jail house when trouble came rolling in. A local lynch mob came to kill Robinson late Sunday evening. Luckily for Robinson, Finch was there to fight them with his bare words, and Finch's children came to help as well.

"I was sitting outside the jail house because I knew that this "mob" would show up and kill my client. All I know is that they are a "noose" ence. I don't know if I could've held them off if it wasn't for my two children and their friend. My daughter helped the most by making Mr. Walter Cunningham a fool of himself. I'm just glad they left with no harm done," said Finch Monday, the day after the attack.

Of course Heck Tate, the Maycomb Sheriff, won't do anything about it. He is too caught up with that Tim Johnson dog. It is up to us to stop this mob. If you are apart of this mob and reading this article, stop. Robinson's trial will be held Monday. All are welcome to attend.

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Local man gunned down at state prison

Recently convicted rapist and local resident, Tom Robinson, was shot in the state prison he was taken to.

Tom Robinson was shot down at the state prison in an alleged escape attempt on Saturday, March 11th. Robinson was trying to escape by climbing the fence, and guards shouted at him to stop. He did not listen, and the guards fired, shooting Robinson 17 times.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve had an incident like this. It was a shame to lose the life of one of our prisoners, but my guards were just doing their duty,” stated Warden Albert Norris.

Robinson was recently convicted guilty in a local rape trial and was sentenced to prison. The death follows the case of Mayella Ewell, who accused Robinson of raping her.

“It’s been hard lately. I have just lost my husband, and my children lost their father,” stated Tom’s wife, Helen Robinson.

Robinson will have a funeral on Tuesday, at 9 am in Maycomb.

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Flight not in sight

Amelia Earhart was on the trip of her life until things were cut short.

Amelia Earhart went missing while flying over the Pacific ocean June 2nd 1937. There has been no reported reports of why or how Earhart went missing.

Government officials looked for Earhart but were unsuccessful. They are saying she crash landed in the Pacific ocean but thats not confirmed as of this point. It was supposed to be her trip around the entire world so maybe she ran out of gas and landed on an island or just crashed.

There have been many theories on why she went missing. One is Earhart was a spy and went to Japan to spy but was captured. Another states that she landed on an island and never returned back to the United Stated. Also a theory states that she came back to the United States. Don't you think they would've spotted her? If so her family kept quite for people are still searching.

Earhart was an amazing person and pilot. Why would she just disappear? Did she just want to get away from everyone?

Earhart will be deeply missed and all the family can do is wait, wonder, and pray. All of you at home can do the same. Wait, wonder, and pray.

Source: no author, updated in 2016

Letters To the editor

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that morphine is being handed out like candy in this town. I am offended deeply. I have been an addict since I was three. It is a harsh medicine, it hurts the lungs.

I saw three children shooting morphine into their arms; ridiculous! We need Mr. Heck Tate to clean up this very dangerous problem. He needs to worry about the morphine problem, not rabid animals.

Morphine is an excellent painkiller, but it’s very difficult to get off it. I’ve almost died 75 times by just trying to quit. It wasn’t pretty. This boy had to read to me for beating my beautiful flowers senseless. He wasn’t the greatest reader, but it helped some. Mainly because I was thinking about how slow of a reader he was.

If anyone is reading this please stop anyone, except me, who is shooting morphine into their arms or any other body part.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Dubose

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

You will never believe what happened to my son, my own blood, earlier today. Someone shot him. Sweet little Tim wanted nothing more in the world than to frolic through the backyard, chase butterflies, and go on long walks.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Who would ever want to hurt someone like Tim?” Well, I can tell you who. Atticus Finch. Was he naturally born a cold-blooded killer? That I do not know. But to shoot someone like Tim, you have to be a cold-blooded murderer.

What’s next? Is he going to aimlessly wander the streets with his shotgun, searching for dogs? Searching for his next victims?

People of Maycomb, do you have dogs or a dog? If so, keep a close watch on them. I don’t want Atticus to hurt them…like he did to my poor, sweet Tim.

So keep your dogs, your cats, your children, even yourselves away from Atticus. You never know who he will go after next.

-Harry Johnson, Dog Lover

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Bob Ewell died Sunday, April 16th. He was found laying peacefully under a local Maycomb tree, with a knife impaled in his chest.

Bob was known for being a public outcast. He lived on the outskirts of town by the dump, and he was rarely seen.

Bob was also the father of many children, and he was a single parent after his wife's tragic death.

The funeral for Bob Ewell will be Wednesday, April 19th at 9am. He will be buried in the local Maycomb cemetery.


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