Battle of Quebec

By: Kaitlyn Bailey


The Battle of Quebec was a very interesting war. The generals for the Revolutionary War there were four of them. Armies have a lot of facts in the Revolutionary War. Then about the outcome of the battle. So the Battle of Quebec was a very interesting war.


The generals for The Revolutionary war there were four of them. Then Benedict Arnold was the American General so was Richard Montgomery and Guy Carlenton. Next Guy Carlenton was in the Seven Year War. After Benedict Arnold led the North group. After that Benedict Arnold got shot in the leg and got replaced by Daniel Morgan. Finally General Montgomery died in the Revolutionary War. Armies were important too.

The Armies


Who won the war the British did. Next no British were captured. Then five British people were killed during the war. After fourteen British people were wounded. Finally barley anyone was hurt from the British side. Finally the conclusion.


Well the British and the Americans are very interesting. The generals won and lost wars sometimes. Some of the Armies worked hard on the war to win. It was this and that about the outcome. The facts were very interesting about the war.


  • Outcome - What happens.
  • Revolutionary - Engaged in.
  • General - The highest rank military officer in the army.


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