The Human Body Corporation

The Thyroid

By: Jessica Hunter and Beth Fuller

Location and Discription...

Location: In the throat surrounding the Trachea.

Description: In a bow-tie or butterfly shape, about the size of two jointed cherries.

5 Facts about the Thyroid...

1. The Thyriod effects how entergetic you are.

2. The Thyriod sends out three important horemones- Tri-iddothyrionine (T3), Thyroxine (T4), and Calcitonin.

3. Forms your "Adam's Apple."

4. The Thyroid can lead to weight loss or weight gain.

5. Thyroid problems can also occur to any animal with a Thyroid.

5 Facts about the Endocrine System...

1. The Endocrine Department has no ducts.

2. Produces more than 30 horemones.

3. The Endocrine Department produces insulin.

4. The Pineal Gland helps with sleep.

5. The Endocrine Department controls metabolism.

What the Endocrine Department does...

My department (the Endocrine System) secretes hormones from glands to maintain a stable internal envoirment.

One Other Organ...

One of my colleagues in the Endocrine Department is the Pineal Gland, who gives the blood melatonin, which helps the body sleep. Without the Pineal Gland, you would not be able to sleep as well as you usually do.

Function of the Thyroid in the Department...

I keep the metabolism even and balanced. I ditributes T3, which gives energy, and T4 helps keep metabolism even. I also keep the body's weight from not raising or dropping.

Importance of the Thyroid to the Corporation...

I am important because I control and regulate the metabolism. I keep the levels of T3 and T4 distributed evenly, and keep the body's weight correct.

The result of my removal from the Human Body Corporation...

If I removed from the Human Body Corperation, the T3 and T4 distribution would completly stop, and once all the T3 and T4 are gone, they would be gone for good. No one else distibutes T3 and T4. The metabolism would be harder to control without meeeeeeeee.

The Whole Body Depends on the Endocrine System...

Really, the whole body would collapse because the tempature of the body would be too cold or too hot. If I was fired, then the Endocrine System would fall and be very unstable, and it would only be until your body tempature rose or fell. The Nervous system sends electronic messages to the Endocrine system, and without the Endocrine system, the cooling or warming mechanisms would not be activated, and your body would fail.

What effect will I have on the body if I am removed?

If I was fired from the Human Body Corporation, the body would gain masses of weight, the body's hair and skin would become dry and there would be hair loss, the body would become depressed and fatiged, constipated, and would have an intolerance of cold weather.

Another Solution....

Another solution, of who to fire, is the kidney. The right or left one would do. I mean, do we really need TWO of those?!?! No, we really don't.