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Whats Going On With Gym?!

Gym News!

What is Gym?

  • Gym Is a class that teaches students about heath, wellness, and sports!
Who's are the teachers for Gym Class?

  • Mr. Stock, Mr. Gersonde, Mrs. Cater, Mrs. Nolen
What activities do you do throughout the year?

  • Fitness activities like couch students for the 5k, running programs, team games like flag football, vollyball, soccer, basketball, ect.
How do you prepare students for the 5k? What tips do you have for the students?

  • The program itself prepares students to slowly progress in cardiovascular endurance by increasingly the amount of running/rest randomly.
What is your favorite part about teaching Gym?

  • Teaching students to be valuable members of any team, not being stuck inside a classroom all day, constualy moving

Gym Schedule!

Monday- Practicing for the 5k

Tuesday- Practicing for the 5k

Wednesday- Excersice

Thursday- Practicing for the 5k

Friday- Fun Friday