Early Learning Department

Weekly Update: September 16, 2016

First Week of school:

Congratulation on a great start to our new school year with children and families. I was able to see many of your classrooms in action this past week. So much positive energy and excitement.

I see your collaboration and passion as you work with children and families every day!

Class Openings in the Early Learning Department:

Family Learning Center offers a Single Parents class on Thursday nights from 6-7:30. Scholarships are available to families. Parents with children birth-3rd grade can sign up. Please share this information with families.

Open gym has begun! Please remind families that this is available Fridays from 9:00-11:00 a.m. at Family Learning Center. This is a FREE play opportunity for families.

All Staff:

Looking for creative minds to help with the new t-shirt design for our new and expanded early learning group! If you have ideas (wording and/or logo/design), please email them to Faith Coonradt-Hunt and/or Jenny Schwartz. If multiple design ideas are given, we will vote on the one people like the most!

Informational Updates:

Professional Learning Community:

Early Childhood Preschool Teachers, Early Interventionist and Preschool Special Education Teachers, Parent Education and ECFE Teachers: Please bring an electronic device with you to all PLC meetings.

Special Education Paraprofessionals and Assistant Teachers:

Express Personnel is asking that if/when you call for a sub, to give them specific details of your position.

  • Location/Start and End Time/Name of the Teacher that you work with

  • Working with Preschool Age Children and will need to be quick on your feet, no physical limitations, and if there are any other specific details to be shared about the class

This information will be helpful as they fill the positions in our Early Learning Department.


Every other year, individual student due process files are reviewed through the Minnesota Department of Education Compliance and Assistance Department. This past year, we received ZERO citations which means NO corrective action plans. This does not happen for every District!

Last Friday, MAPS Special Education Department received an award from the Minnesota Department of Education for having zero citations and no need for any corrective action plans.


The laundry department at West will be providing washing service for FLC. They will drop off an empty tub. We will fill it and label it “to be washed”. It will get picked up and returned back here to the office. Sibling care staff will fold and deliver back to the rooms.

If you have a need for for laundry service please contact Rachel in the Early Learning Department.

The Power of Relationships:

What happens to the brain when there are positive emotional and social relationship?

Ed-Talk: Learning with an Emotional Brain - Mary Helen Immordino-Yang