Oct/Nov Lights

Did you make the Parent Teacher Conference date yet?

The Best Nights of the Year Are Coming!

I have always had these two nights as special nights since I began teaching in 1975. Looking forward to meeting and talking with parents about the most important parts of their lives-the children is the best. For me it was a true meeting of the minds and sharing of perspectives, success and challenges of the children. Please come ready to chat and ask good questions. November 8 and 15th. Sign up on Skyward.

Coin Drive Was HUGE!!!!!!

Your generosity in coins for the replacement of books in 3 schools where the children lost many of their favorite books was amazing. over $1855 was collected in the three days of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't wait to share this with my 3 young principals as they will surprise their children with this money to buy new books.

Latest on Maker Space

Each week, I will try to bring you the latest fun and learning going on in our Maker Space. Thanks you for all of the donations that are needed to make this time productive and engaging for the children. I will be including various photos of the different grade levels so you can become more familiar with the new program.

Merton winter spiritwear store

The Merton Winter Spiritwear Store is open now until November 11th. The items will be available to pick-up at Mid-City Sports before Christmas. Mid-City does have some of the items available to see for sizing purposes ... non-customized and there is a sizing chart available on the site if people want to see how it would fit. Here is the link to the website.

Big picture

Yes, manuscript handwriting is part of our daily curriculum

Below are some photos of grade one children hard at work on their handwriting skills. Proper grip, tilt of page, and posture all lead to neat and legible printing. We are proud of our children and teachers for putting this program to great use.

Mike Budisch

Please be sure to check the sign-up on Skyward for the first parent-teacher conferences. They will be 20 minutes in length so you can have terrific conversations about what's been going on and what's ahead. Thanks so much for being our partners in teaching our children.