Shot Put Under Threat

David Schall

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The International Olympic Committee is considering getting rid of shot put in order to make more room for different sports to be introduced into the Olympic Games. The IOC has deemed shot put too boring and claims it does not attract enough attention and viewers.

Will Shot Put Remain?

The author of this article does not really care if shot put is removed from the Olympic Games, even though it is historically one of the oldest events in the first Games back in ancient Greece. The main type of bias in this article is bias by omission. The author only seems to talk about ridding the Games of shot put and quote other sources in favor or removing it from the OG. Marxist Criticism is well at work here. The article claims shot put "doesn't capture the public's attention", meaning it does not have the interesting qualities the other events have. It is clearly comparing the qualities shot put does and does not have to the qualities other events and sports have that make them "more qualified" to be in the Olympics.

Shot Put Swept From the Olympics

The author of this article clearly is more concerned with other events being cut from the Olympics than shot put. It addresses Usain Bolt and the popularity of the 200 meter dash and does not have a whole lot to say about shot put. The bias in this article is bias by selection of sources because it does not provide any quotes or information from those who want to keep shot put in the OG. It completely left out the arguments for keeping shot put in the Games. Marxist Criticism is also the main critical perspective in this article. It basically states that shot put does not have the attention gathering qualities that other events and sports have. It also has some historical criticism included in the article too. It talks about how shot put is a traditional event but may be removed from the Olympics, yet other historical events such as the discus and hammer throw would remain.


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