McNab Minutes

Week of December 14, 2015 - December 20, 2015

Weeks Events

Monday 12/14 - Day 3

RtI Meetings 8:30 AM

Uncle Shelly Performs for K-2

Tuesday 12/15 - Day 4

Field Day K-2

SAC 2:15 PM

Hot Chocolate in the Office

Wednesday 12/16 - Day 1

Field Day 3-5

NESS Meeting 2:30 PM

Holiday Treats

Mr. Schwartz's Office at 9:00 AM

Chorus Performance 5:30 PM

Cookie Exchange

Thursday 12/17 - Day 2

Ugly Sweater Day - Teachers

Chorus Performances K-5

Holiday Luncheon 2:15 PM in Media

Friday 12/18 - Day 3

Polar Express Day

Counselor's Corner

Monday Mantras and Mindful Minutes from Ms. Wong:

I will not look down on anyone unless I am helping him or her up.


Please remember to take all of the decorations that were hung for Santa's Breakfast down before the winter break!

The Polar Express

Movie will be shown repeatedly on Friday 12/18 beginning at 8:30 AM on Channel 15.


Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy Winter Break! Relax and enjoy your time with family and loved ones! Happy New Year!