Grade 1 January Newsletter

27th - 30th April 2015

Highlights of the Week

Grade 1J have had a peaceful and purposeful week.

We have enjoyed digging deeper into our new unit of work; we have been finding out about and exploring the environment around us.

We have also been immersed in non-fiction books; we have been engaged in reading and analysing them in preparation for writing our own non-fiction books next week. We look forward to sharing these with you when they are complete!

We wish you all a wonderful long weekend.

Grade 1J

Language Arts


In reading we have been focusing on the comprehension CAFE strategy of Making a Mental Picture. This strategy involves imagining what is happening in the story, and making sure we have a picture of it in our heads.


This week we have been planning new All About Books. We started by thinking of topics, and making sure they were good topics. A good topic is one we know a lot about. It is wide enough to make a whole book about.

We then planned our writing, choosing subtitles, and thinking about how our writing is going to fit together.

Next week we will be talking about page numbers and contents pages. We will also begin planning and completing the layout, diagrams and writing for some of the pages in our books.

This week we have also been practicing including full stops and capital letters in our writing, to show where sentences start and finish.

Spelling and Phonics

This week our spelling has focused on ordinal numbers.


We have been working on the 'an' and 'ar' join this week.


This week we have continued to look at Numbers to 20 and are learning lots of new Mathematical vocabulary such as digits and the place values Tens and Ones. We have learnt that the position of digits in the different place values makes a difference in the quantity represented.

Now that we know that 10 ones can be regrouped into 1 ten, we are able to count up to 20 very quickly by counting on from 10. The concept of place values and number notation will be revisited several more times throughout the year as we go on with addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers.

IPC - Our World

This week we have been considering our school environment.

We asked the children to think about and take photographs of places at school they found attractive, places that they found less attractive, or and even places that they found unattractive!

The children were encouraged to explain the reasons why they found an area attractive or unattractive. We concluded that we are very fortunate, and that our school environment is mostly very attractive!

Virtue of the Week: Helpfulness!

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."
Ronald Reagan

This week the children have been practicing showing the virtue of helpfulness. In particular, we have been talking about helping people before they even ask. We know that we make our school and home a more peaceful, happier place when we help one another. Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their helpfulness!

Next week the virtue is Orderliness!

Founders Day - Friday 15th May 2015

On the 15th May it is Founder's Day and school will finish for Prep 1 and 2 at 11.20 and for Grade 1 - 6 at 12.20. No lunch will be required.

It is on this day we remember the work done by St John Baptiste de La Salle in educating the children of the poor and establishing a Catholic Brotherhood.

As we did last year, Catholic children in the Upper Elementary School will attend a mass with the High School at 8.30am in the Indoor Sports Hall.

An assembly will follow mass where all the children in the Middle Years and Upper Elementary School will join the HS. Some of our grade 2 children will be performing.

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Dates for the Diary

  • Edible Garden's Produce Market - Thursday 7th May - 7.30am - 8.30am
  • SJIIES Lap-a-thon 2015 - Saturday 9th May
  • Excursion to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve - Wednesday 13th May
  • G1J Optional Specialist Conferences; Art Music PE and Chinese Wednesday 13th May
  • Founders Day - 15th May
  • Exit Point Incursion - Tuesday 26th May
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