Why is the 4th amendment important?

Your right to privacy from the government

The 4th amendment protects us from unreasonable searches.

Sometimes police officers check us no reason. Police should not check in your home or anyone homes without a warrant. A warrant is a special paper that lets the police in the house. For example, police cannot come in your house without your permission.

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The 4th amendment protects us from from unreasonable seizures.

A seizure means to take away things by using force. For example, In Los Angeles the police took away the homeless peoples' stuff. They got it back by telling the police about the fourth amendment.

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Sometimes the government protects us by checking our private information.

The government protects us by checking our phone calls, homes and library records. The reason they do this is to protect us from danger. They are protecting us from the terrorist people. The government has to know what the terrorists are doing.

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In conclusion, the fourth amendment, is the right to have our own personal privacy.