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January 13, 2020

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


5 Questions to help us focus as we move into 2nd semester:

1. Am I modeling what I want to see in others?

2. Am I making others better?

3. Am I caring for others, personally and professionally?

4. Am I making others feel valued?

5. Do I care about who's right, or what's best for kids?

We will dig deeper into each of these questions in the weeks to come. On some days, I feel good about the progress I am making toward each one. On other days, I fall flat on my face. Either way, they are helping me focus and strive to do better. Are there other questions that guide you? If so, please share.


Please see link below.

Social/Emotional Learning

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have battles that others may have no idea are happening. As adults, we deal with everyday responsibilities like bills, work, our families, our households. Our struggles and triumphs are all mashed together to form our unique existence. We have ups, downs, and everything in between. As complicated as our own lives are, we sometimes forget that every person in the world is living a life just as complex as our own, and that many of our students have very complicated lives.

When someone comes to school or work, they cannot leave their personal lives and experiences at the door. They carry everything with them, and sometimes those experiences are burdensome. But it's possible that an environment like school can provide a respite from our struggles. That the socialization, camaraderie, and atmosphere of common goals can enhance our lives and ease the weight of our burdens. We are all trying our hardest to be the most true and authentic person we can, and sometimes school or work is the safest place to do that. Sometimes we only see what's on the surface, the daily attitudes and behaviors that are causing issues, but we have no idea what lies beyond the surface. This doesn't mean we can't have expectations of others or that we can't keep working with them to help them become better each day. But it does mean that "better" does not have to be defined and measured the same way for each person in every situation. We battle different battles. We can measure our progress toward better in different ways as well.

Under the Big Top

HUGE thank you to Abbey Mault, Megan Lortie, and Jamie Worman for your work on the semi-formal. It was amazing as usual! I love hearing and seeing the students' reactions when they walk through the door and see the transformation/decorations for the first time. Our guests from other schools are just amazed and it is because of all of you and our students that events like this happen.

Thank you also to Tim Kiebel, Andy Ames, and our custodial staff. From set-up to clean-up your help and support make a difference.

Senior Life Skills Class

2nd Semester Mr. Handshoe will be offering a class for seniors that will focus on real-world skills they will need after graduation regardless of the career path they may follow. Topics including financial planning, record keeping, home maintenance, car maintenance, daily living skills, communication, and more will be covered. If you have ideas to include, please talk with Randy or if you have a skill that you would like to help teach, please let him know as well.

Scholastic Art and Writing Contest

CN Jr/Sr HS has 3 students that received a GOLD KEY at the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest.

Their art pieces will be on display at the FWMoA and then will head to New York City for the National Scholastics Art and Writing Contest.

Congratulations to:

Emma Knox- Converse piece

Lena Jackson- Snake Eye

Sonya Wallace- Lollipop

The following students received an Honorable Mention and they will also be on display at the FWMoA:

Emma Schroeder- Ebernezer

Emma Schroeder- Book Sculpture

Jaclyn Marker- Ceramic Salad

Katelynn Bortner- Behold

Sonya Wallace- Growth

Upcoming Events:

1/13 - School Board Meeting

1/14 & 15 - Semester 1 finals

1/17 - Fort Wayne Philharmonic Jr High Concert (1 p.m./6-8 grade; more info coming)

1/17 - 7th Grade Pokagon Trip

1/22 - Jr High SOM

1/29 - Sr High SOM