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A note from Dr. Kosena

Hello Flynn Falcon Families,

I apologize upfront for the lengthy newsletter, however it is the final one for the school year and there is plenty to discuss.

Based upon the recent news of Denver's record breaking rainfall this spring, I couldn't help but think of the old adage of "April showers bring May flowers" as I walked my dog yesterday. The amount of tulips, iris, pansies, and hyacinths sprouting out of the ground was enough to make me feel like summer truly is right around the corner. And, our school calendar shows this to be true too! The last day of school is just around the corner. I can't believe how fast time flies.

Speaking of this school year, as each of you is keenly aware, it was anything but normal. I was proud of Flynn (and all of WPS) for opening our school doors back in August, even when most other districts did not. I was sad when COVID realities forced us to close those same doors from Halloween through New Years, a needed mitigation strategy for public health concerns, but a hard reality for our school community. Finally, I am proud again to know that with a few classroom exceptions, we have not closed school again this semester. It required a herculean effort to open and keep our doors open this school year. I could not be more proud :-). And, although this school year was far from ideal, when considering the COVID challenges we faced, I'd consider this year to be one of our finest yet. Thank you to the teachers, staff, district officials, and also you, our Flynn Families, for doing what it took to ensure face-to-face learning this year.

Knowing that this year was not ideal, as you know WPS is providing those families that signed up an extended school year through June 11th. We are working hard to ensure that each student who stays with us for the additional days is provided individualized opportunities to make up missed ground or start working now to get ahead for next school year. I believe these added school days will make a difference, but knowing how impacted these past 14 months of school life have been, we are going to provide one final summer learning opportunity for interested families.

The Flynn Summer Learning Program is available to all students who are willing to commit 30 minutes/day (5 days/week) to home-based online learning through June and July. All participating students will be allowed to keep their Chromebook for the summer months, in exchange for completing 15 minutes of Lexia (online reading program) and 15 minutes of Success Maker (online math program) every day. Every student at Flynn currently uses both Lexia and Success Maker in class, so the programs are not new. These programs provide self-paced, guided, pre-determined lessons for kids to complete remotely, which are easy for students of all ages to navigate independently (especially since they have daily practice here at school). If you are interested in enrolling your son/daughter into the Flynn Summer Learning Program, you can register using this link. Registration will close at 6pm on Sunday, May 16th.

Finally, this past year forced us to make many operational changes to school as we navigated the COVID pandemic. And, although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we are not out of the woods yet. It is too earlier to know what next year will bring, but as we begin our planning for the '21-'22 school year, it is important to consider what operational changes we made this year that might be worth keeping permanently for future years. Toward this end, I would greatly appreciate your feedback regarding a few of these changes by completing this parent survey. I value your thoughts so please be sure to provide them!

OK, Flynn Falcons. I dare say "That's a wrap!" as we still have a few weeks left of school, but we are closing in on summer break. I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to each Falcon Family for bearing with us as our school navigated some pretty tricky waters this year. Cohorted classrooms, masks all day every day, extended school closures and the remote learning that ensued, restricted access to the school building, no assemblies, the list goes on and on. This year was not easy, but as I eluded to already, the Flynn Falcons persevered through every challenge that came our way, and we are a better school for it. Everyone, no matter who, played a role in this success story and I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and relaxing summer break and see you all back here in August!

Dr. Kosena

Upcoming Dates This Month

Monday, May 17th-Friday, May 21st: School Spirit Week (See attached document below for details)

Friday, May 21st: Field Day

Tuesday, May 25th: Last day of school

Wednesday, May 26th: First day of Extended School Year

Monday, May 31st: Memorial Day (No extended school)

Friday, June 11th: Last day of Extended School Year

Additional Announcements

  • Chromebooks Charged and Ready: Please ensure your student(s) bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Applications: Please be sure to complete your household's Free and Reduced Lunch application if you have not done so already. Even if you don't believe your family will qualify, Flynn receives additional funding and grant opportunities based on these applications, so 100% completion by all families is important. You can complete the application online by clicking here.
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