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A very thankful note of gratitude from Dr. Kosena

Hello Flynn Falcons,

Each year many of us notice the arrival of the holiday season by red Starbuck cups filled with pumpkin and eggnog lattes, daylight savings and colder weather, or every other television ad being a snow-blanketed, wreath adorning car commercial. And, even though I too notice these things, for me the beginning of the holiday season is always Thanksgiving. Although the holiday itself is to commemorate the arrival of the pilgrims to the "New World", in modern times it feels less about pilgrims, and more about being grateful for our family, friends, and larger community. I am particularly blessed in each of these, including the Flynn Community.

Not a day passes that I don't think how lucky I am to be the principal of Flynn. There is no doubt it is a special school, filled with wonderful people, all working toward a worthy goal. I believe in the power of education and that if we can give every child the opportunity to learn, no matter their future path, they will have the ability to find success. It is worthy work that cannot be taken lightly. And, that is what makes the Flynn Community so great.

Every member of our school community, from students to teachers to staff to parents to district officials, all have the educational attainment of children in the front of their minds. Although this is not unique to Flynn, the group of people who makeup our community, who are ultimately responsible for fulfilling the monumental task of educating 335 students every day, are unique. I've worked at many schools throughout my career, and none have come close to Flynn. We are a step above the rest and I'm darn proud of this. And, grateful.

So, as the holiday season begins I want to take a minute to say "thank you". Thank you to our teachers and staff who work so hard every day for our students. Thank you to you, our families, for providing the trust and support you do to ensure we can provide the best school possible for your children. And finally, thank you to our students. They are the real heroes of our community. They are the ones who show up every day, push themselves to learn, grow, and become productive members of their communities. It is the coolest thing to watch and the highest of honors to be part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving Flynn!

Dr. Kosena

Upcoming Dates This Month

Monday, November 22-Friday, November 26: No School (Thanksgiving Week Break)

Monday, December 20-Monday, January 3: No School (Winter Break)

Additional Announcements

  • Chromebooks Charged and Ready: Please ensure your student(s) bring a fully charged Chromebook to school every day
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Applications: Please be sure to complete your household's Free and Reduced Lunch application if you have not done so already. Even if you don't believe your family will qualify, Flynn receives additional funding and grant opportunities based on these applications, so 100% completion by all families is important. You can complete the application online by clicking here.
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