Student Portfolios

The Process of reflection and change at Spicewood Elementary

Reflecting on the purpose and utilization of Spicewood student portfolio based on best practice and IB principles.

1) Share Spicewood Mission-reflect
2) Read a variety of articles outlining different portfolio philosophies, purposes, and habits

3) Review our current essential agreements
4) Have vertical discussions/collaboration in vertical teams-driven by essential questions
5) Share and reflect on thoughts/discussions
6) Establish behaviors as a grade level-share
7) Regroup and reflect on formation of essential agreements

Please consider:

Essential Questions

Consider these ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS as you reflect:

  • How can we represent learning in all subject areas, as well as special areas and essential elements (skills, knowledge, attitudes, action and concepts).
  • Can taking portfolios home facilitate goal setting and student-directed learning?
  • Can taking portfolios home increase parent satisfaction on student progress reporting?