Small things make HUGE differences

By: Skyler 6-7 period

Development of Theme Analysis

Setting is the time place and environment ware conflict takes place. The characters effect the story by being there really, because if the characters weren't there it would be a vary boring story. Also the plot is the story, the plot is the the summary of each part in the story. And conflict makes the story keep going and makes you wonder. For example the book ''Freak The Mighty'' Freak and max come face to face with Tony D¨ or ¨Blade¨ the bad teenager that gets into street fights and other really bad stuff. All of this not only makes the story but helps the author to make an over all message/theme. Theme is usually introduced in the 1st or 2nd chapter other wise it is kind of in the middle area, the author wouldn't just say ''the theme is....'' The author would kind of slip it in.

Reflection and Application of theme

I think that the theme is relevant to the story. In the book ''Freak the Mighty'' Freak (Kevin) meets max (Maxwell) in preschool. And they end up meeting each other again when they are older. And Max learns a lot from freak. And freak changed max's life in many great ways and max changed freak's life in many great ways too. So the theme, ''Small Tings Make Huge Differences'' (in my opinion) is a good theme. This theme is relevant to our generation because even today something as small as a hi makes a HUGE difference in someones day, month, even year!!! So this theme is a good theme.

Visual Representation of Theme

Freak the Mighty Rodman Philbrick

Freak the Mighty is about two boys (different from each other) one boy doesn't know much so he thinks he's stupid. And the other boy is a smart (and loves King Arthur) he has a disability that has him growing on the in side and not on the out side (You could say). And they become not only best friends but Freak the Mighty. They made each other stronger and smarter. They would go on a quest that would make them both heroes. I recommend that every one read this book. It is the best book you will read. The reason I recommend it is because it is a friendship book. Friendship is the strongest thing it is the best thing and this book is a awesome way of showing friendship. That is why I love and recommend Freak the Mighty.

Author: Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951 and writes books for adults and children. He grew up on the cost of Newhapshure. He has been writing novels ever sense he was six-teen! Two of his novels were nominated for the Shamus Award. In 1993 he won that award. And get this in that same year Freak the Mighty won a lot of awards and then it was made into a movie! Also (just a little more info on Freak the Mighty) it is a book that is used in classrooms worldwide!