Eastside: The Greatest School

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else."

Week of January 28th

Eastside Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

Your Balcony Person

Watch the video below for inspiration of how to support your "balcony person". Sometimes we just need someone in our corner to help us avoid trouble. This could be trouble such as negativity or trouble like doubting our abilities. All of you think of how you could show support to your balcony person this week. It might look like a note in their box to encourage them if they are a staff member or a note of encouragement to a student to reinforce their growth mindset. (See graphic below about what some of our kiddos are carrying to school each day. How will you support them and cheer them on from the balcony?)

I want to thank all of you for working so hard this last week. Mrs. Manning and I saw so much of evidence of GREAT things happening. I included lots of pictures below to brag on ya'll. I was able to see 5th grade's Tier II time and it was fantastic. I plan to be around to see other grades this week.

Big picture

Details for the Week

Information to put on class newsletters:

  • It's Kindness Week! (See Mrs. Hogg's email for more information.) Make sure to place our your newsletter about students bringing items for our food pantry as a way to show kindness.
  • Valentine's Day parties will be held on February 14th at 2:00. Remember that the day is a regular instruction day. Student boxes will need to be made at home so give parents plenty of notice. As in years past, 5th grade may bring in Valentine's but will not have boxes. Remind parents that we will not serve homemade treats.
  • Students cannot have any deliveries such as flowers or candy.
  • Remind parents about our parent center. Let them know you will be happy to send items home for them to work with their child.


  • Certified staff meeting at 7:45 in the team meeting room (All students will be in the PE building/cafeteria with Turner, Newkirk, and Cardin.
  • 12:20 5th Grade Pizza Reward Party with Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Hogg


  • Dr. Howse will be working with 3-5 math team
  • ADE will be videoing the 3-5 math team


  • Team Meeting (content teams)
  • Class Pictures (see schedule sent out by Mrs. Patty)


  • Leadership Team meets at 7:40 - 8:20 (Their PROWL group will need to go to a fellow teacher's classroom)
  • Mid Year PGP Reviews (These will take place in the team meeting room.)
  • Have current student work posted in the hallway prior to leaving on Thursday afternoon. This work needs to show the rigor that is happening in your classrooms. Mrs. Gordon does a great job posting the artwork, so the work outside your door should be showing the work on our essential standards. I have already seen some great work that some of you have displayed.


  • Greenwood will be visiting our school at 8:30 - 10:00.
  • Special surprise for a "Super" Staff
  • Our attire for every Friday is jeans (with no holes) and panther shirts/teacher shirts. If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be asked to go home and change.
  • FRIDAY PROWL schedule: MAP PM for 4-5, Relationship building for K-1. Normal PROWL for 2-3. (refer to doc I sent out for Fridays up to Feb 8th)
  • Complete your SIT commenting this week with any staff member working with 3-5. Make sure to place the date in the date column. Then place your name in front of your comment in the teacher comment column.
  • No recess meetings due to Mid Year PGP reviews starting at noon (These will take place in the team meeting room.)


  • Dismissed from cafeteria and PE building at 7:45. Mrs. Turner and Ms. Newkirk will remind kids to wait in the hall. Promptly, at 7:50 teachers will come out from their room to greet them and then get started on the work!
  • Order of your PROWL group - HOWL and get to intervening and enriching. Remember this is what Panthers do to Thrive and Survive! We can't live without it. This is the beginning of our day!
  • Dismissal for PROWL: We will dismiss all enrichment groups to their classes at 8:18. These students are to wait outside their classroom door until 8:20 when the intervention groups are dismissed.
  • PROWL preparation: Make sure you have reviewed your lesson in advance, so the kids are getting the best benefit from the PROWL time. Teachers should not be walking across the hall to get clarity on a lesson or gather materials during PROWL time (leaving kids unattended). If you have questions about your PROWL lessons, let Mrs. Manning or myself know and we would love to help you. Make sure to always leave sub plans for your PROWL group. (Now that each kid is assigned a specific spot with certain materials, there is no where to send them.)

  • Important News:
  1. Room Environment: Take a look around your room with student eyes. Some of you need to declutter your room. Make sure you have student work posted in classroom and in hallway!
  2. Staff attendance incentive for the month of January, February and until Spring Break: The PTO will be donating 3 $100 bills for a drawing for staff with Great Attendance. If you have had perfect attendance (not counting PD), you will get three chances to win. If you have missed 1 day (not counting PD), you will get two chances to win. If you have missed 2 days (not counting PD), you will one chance to win. We will draw prior to leaving for Spring Break. Thank you PTO!
  3. If you have a planned leave request then the leave request form MUST be filled out and turned in for approval PRIOR to the leave date. Late leave request such as emergency sick days need a leave request turned in immediately after you return.
  4. Certified teachers - it is your responsibility to track your teaching license renewal dates. ADE (or central office) will not notify teachers of expiration dates. There have been several teachers in the district that have had their license to lapse or become pending.
  5. Follow link to see an example of using the Jigsaw method. Remember the Jigsaw method will give you 4 years of growth in one year (according to Hattie with an effect size of 1.20)! https://system.na1.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=37151&c=713075&h=af6623bb152644627d6a
  6. Required testing training has been scheduled. These sessions will be a Google hangout. One will be after school on March 26th and one before school on March 28th. All certified staff administering ACT Aspire or MAP assessments to students need to choose one of these sessions to attend. Accommodation training will take place on April 4th.

  7. Please make sure to have lesson plans out on your desk and reading lesson plans on your reading table each day. Your reading plans need to be a week's worth of complete plans that are ready on your first day of instruction. We understand that you may adjust things, but the plans must be thoroughly thought out for the week prior to the week starting.

Smart Goals in TAG

Big picture

Excellent Work in the Hallway

Enrichment Group working on Social Skills and Reading Instructional Manuals

Big picture

Way to Go Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Havens for Using the STEAM lab during co-teaching time

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100th Day of School

Big picture

Jigsaw Method in Mr. Hope's Room with Fractions

Big picture

Computer Science Word of the Month: BUG/DEBUGGING

Character Word of the Month: Engaged

Important Dates (Refer to our EES 2018- 2019 Year at a Glance Calendar in Google Drive)

I have updated the EES Calendar at a glance with lots of new upcoming dates.