American revolution

By: Garrison and Jordon

Some supplies

They and little supplies, little military knowledge,no central government,and no army. They fixed that by the Spanish and French secretly supplying them with stuff and the Americans making their own supplies. They fixed the little military knowledge by letting friedrich Von stueben drill them and how to fight correctly. They fixed the central government and no army by creating a government and continental army in the second continental congress. The american revalutionary war was fought for indapendence. The war was fought for 28 years (1775-83).

The Events/Battles During the War

The events/battles during the American Revoulition:

-4/19/1775 The Battles of Lexington and Concord Lexington and Concord Massachusetts

-12/31/1775 The Battle of Quebec Quebec City, Province of Quebec

-8/27/1776 The Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn Heights) Long Island, New York
-10/28/1776 The Battle of White Plains White Plains, New York
11/16/1776 The Battle of Fort Washington Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York
12/26/1776 The Battle of Trenton Trenton, New Jersey
1/3/1777 The Battle of Princeton Princeton, New Jersy
8/6/1777 The Battle of Oriskany Oriskany, New York
8/16/1777 The Battle of Bennington Bennington, New York
9/11/1777 The Battle of Brandywine Near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
9/19/1777 The Battle of Saratoga (Freeman's Farm) Saratoga County, New York
10/4/1777 The Battle of Germantown Germantown, Pennsylvania
10/7/1777 The Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights) Saratoga County, New York
6/28/1778 The Battle of Monmouth Monmouth, New Jersey
12/29/1778 The Capture of Savannah Savannah, Georgia
3/29/1780 The Siege of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina
8/16/1780 The Battle of Camden North of Camden, South Carolina
10/7/1780 The Battle of King's Mountain Near Blackburn, SC and King's Mountain, NC
1/17/1781 The Battle of Cowpens Cowpens, South Carolina
3/15/1781 The Battle of Guilford Courthouse Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina
9/8/1781 The Battle of Eutaw Springs Near present-day Eutawville, South Carolina
10/9/1781 The Battle of Yorktown Yorktown, Virginia

American revolution war

-The Iroquois, or six nations confederacy, didn't agree on which side to support during the war

-At a council Albany in 1775,the leaders of the Iroquois first decided the war between the British and the American colonists was a private war, and they should try to remain neutral

-The Oneidas and tuscaroras later took the side of the Americans and became their allies in the fight for independence

-The Mohawks later punished the Oneidas for helping the American army

-There were less than 8,000 Iroquois left at the end of the American Revolutionary War