Monsoon Asia

BY: Peter Hitscherich

Currently today India's population is booming due to the mass amounts of babies being born. All of these babies being born creates issues for India's society. This massive population comes with negative effects. All of these babies and children take up even more land and resources that India doesn't have. India's government is unable to deal with the mass influx of all these people. India also needs help with their economy. India needs to create thousands of jobs a year to help keep up with all of the children being born. Overall India's population is growing at a huge rate, and if not dealt with, it could lead to more serious issues.

Ganges River

The Ganges River as of today is one of the biggest rivers in the world. The Ganges River is located in India and is currently being polluted. This pollution creates some harmful effects on the environment and the people around it. This pollution creates water borne illnesses that hurt the people of India. One of the main issues with the pollution of India is that dead bodies that are burned are being dumped into the Ganges. This creates unsanitary water. The more unsanitary the water gets, the more people it effects. The more people that the water infects means that even more people die. Once those dead bodies are burned they are dumped right back into the Ganges. It's just a recycled process that continues to hurt the Ganges River, and will most likely last awhile.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Swiftness and Expertise

Concentrating on core process rather than the supporting one


Reduced Operational and Recruitment costs

Negatives of Outsourcing

Risk of exposing confidential data

Synchronizing the deliverables

Hidden costs

Lack of customer focus

Overall Outsourcing has its positives and negatives. Outsourcing is seen in many different views and has many different opinions. Outsourcing is a very complicated topic to many people and overall really isn't good or bad.

This article talks about the climate and animals in Monsoon Asia. This article help talk about the animals and facts about them. This helps educate people that will visit the jungles of Monsoon Asia as to how to treat the animals, and what the animals are.