Virginia Colony

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Interesting facts About Some Of Virginias Cities

Alexandria is one of the amazing cities of Virginia. Bristol is also another city. Bristol was named after brsitol England. Chesapeake is another city in Virginia. The mayor of Chesapeake is Alan P. Krasnoff. Galax is an awesome city in Virginia. galax has been longly known for its music and Musicians. Salem is an exellent city in Virginia. You might wanna be there in the summer beacuse there its hot and humid, so a good day at the beach. Also you might want a moutain house there because it has mild to cool winters.

Famous people from Virginia

Chris Brown. He was born May 5th 1989. Now in 2014 he is 24 yeaers old. He was born in TappaHannack Virgina. Chris parents are Joyce Hawkins (his mother) and Clinton brown (his father). Chris has 1 sibling, his sister Lytrell Bundy Chris brown is a singer, dancer, and actor. William Harrison. He was the 9th president of the United states of America. He was born Febuary 9th 1773. He was born in Charles City County. He died on April 4th 1841 (age 68). He was married to fist lady Anna Harrison. They had 10 kids together. Missy Elliot.Was born July 1st ,1971.She was born in Portsmouth,Virginia. Her parents are Patricia Elliot (her mother) and Ronnie Elliot (her father). She is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Virginia Attractions

Busch Gardens is an Virgina attraction. Busch Gardens is 383-acre theme park located in James city county. Which is about 3 miles southeast of Williamsburg. Anoother attraction is the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. The Chesapeake tunnel is a 23 mile long tunnel. It was built on April 15 1964. Another virginia Attraction is The Roanoke Star. The Roanoke Star is the largest, freestanding, illuminated ,man made star.It was constructed 1949.