Kindergarten News

Week of May 2-6

What A Super Week!

Monday-In math, we played a fun tally mark game using popsicle sticks. Students chose numbers between 1-12 and built the number. We had to remember each time we needed to "tally up". Students enjoyed it so much that we played with a partner. What fun! During our literacy group rotation, students began creating projects for their mothers for Mother's Day. This will be ongoing throughout the week. They are excited to share this upcoming weekend.

Tuesday-Our fifth grade book buddies were taking their SOL so we did not have book buddies. We missed them and look forward to our next reading time. During math, we practiced telling time to the half hour. We even practiced writing the time. See if your child can practice telling you time at home. During our laptop rotation, we practiced our fluency and comprehension skills using Raz Kids. Feel free to practice this at home.

Wednesday-In word study, students practicing sequencing sentences. They were given sentences that were out of order and they cut, sequence, and glued it. Then, they had to read their sentences to a partner. During literacy, we practiced for our upcoming musical performance at the end of May. Students love performing their lines and acting out their parts.

Thursday-Our butterflies are here! We have really enjoyed watching our butterflies go through the life cycle stages. Throughout the week we have observed them and noticed their changes. In addition, we learned about Cinco de Mayo. We enjoyed learning more by watching Brain Pop Jr. about Mexico. Students even read books about Mexico and we practice learning and saying Spanish words. In PE, students participated in fun games related to Cinco de Mayo. See if your child can tell you about it. Throughout this rainy week, we have needed some brain breaks. We have utilized our Go Noodle. Feel free to use it at home.

Friday-Happy Friday! Ms. White visited our classroom to play the Elimination Game. Students were given sets of numbers and sets of words. They were asked to find the differences between the numbers and words. For example, the words cat, dog, cow, and owlet were given. Students were asked to find the differences. We came up with many different ways. See if your child can remember all the different ways. We also read our non-fiction Let's Find Out about fireflies. We learned about the stages of a firefly. We even practiced our addition and subtraction skills using our Let's Find Out. Our butterflies were released today. We had an enjoyable time watching them go into their natural habitat!

Upcoming Events

Spring School Pictures
Spring pictures were sent home. Please send in payment for pictures you choose to keep, or return the pictures to the school.

First Day School Supply Kits

We know it’s only May, but our online school supply store is open for business! You can pre-order next year’s supplies right now for 2016/17. All you have to do is visit 1st Day School Supplies kits are the exact school supplies your teachers requested and are approved by the school. It is more cost effective than Amazon and supplies are delivered directly to your child’s classroom! Buying your child’s school supplies online will also help raise money to provide school supply kits for students who are unable to purchase them. Deadline is June 30th!

Glow Run
Get ready to run! Our annual Glow Run will be held on Friday, May 20th. We're excited to offer both individual and family registration this year. The event is open to ALL CRES students, their families and community members. Hope to see you there! Visit to register today - Register before April 22nd for Early Bird prices and to be guaranteed a t-shirt!
(p.s. Though Running Club members do not need to pay the registration fee, they MUST register in order to participate!)

May 10-Online Scholastic Book Order Due-Last One For The School Year!

May 23-Ivy Creek/Penn Park Field Trip

May 27-Kindergarten/First Grade Music Performance-9am & 6:30pm

June 7-Last Day of School

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Decade Day!

Raz Kids-Please continue to practice fluency and comprehension. Thanks!