Miss Owens' Third Grade Newsletter

September 8th-September 11th


Monday, September 7th: NO SCHOOL! Labor Day

Please have a wonderful long weekend full of family fun!

*Check Miss Owens' Weebly Website, as I have added more pictures of the kiddos presenting their goal posters! Thanks a million for supporting them at home! They did wonderfully!

We will be using a variety of different websites this year. Here are a few that have been introduced during the first couple weeks of school. These will also be posted on my website for the entire year!

Website Login Information:

We will use my information as the example:

My name: Sarah Owens My Lunch Number: 123456

Pearson Realize ( Math ):


password: FHSD123456

Study Island ( Practice for Math/ELA ):



Reading Counts ( Reading ):



Google Drive ( Way to share & save writing):

username: sowens456@g.fhsdschools.org

password: fh123456




Happy Birthday to...

Allison- Saturday, September 5th

Salma- Tuesday, September 8th

I hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday!

Look at What we are Studying...

Spelling: Week 4: Silent consonants: wr and gn


I can...

-ask questions about the text

-answer questions about a story

-describe characters in a story

-explain how the characters' actions can affect the order of events

-use details from the story to determine the lesson/moral


I can...

-write an informative/ explanatory piece about something I know or have read

-write a narrative piece about something real or imagined

-plan, revise and edit my piece of writing

-use information from my experiences or gather information from other sources

-take notes on information gathered

-sort information into categories

Social Studies:

I can...

-discuss rules & laws and how rules and laws are made, enforced and changed

-recognize that citizens have both responsibilities and rights and how each if different by comparing rights and responsibilities in the community, school and classroom

-understand how each person has rights, responsibilities, contributions and individuality shapes a community

-understand how the 3 branches of government work together to ensure no one group or person has too much power

-understand how the Declaration of Independence and Constitution shaped the establishment of our country, as well as how the National Anthem gives us pride in our country.


-Tuesday: 2.6: Estimating Differences

-Wednesday: 2.7: Reasonableness

-Thursday: Topic 2 Study Guide

-Friday: Topic 2 Online Math Test


"Learn from Yesterday...Live for Today... Hope for Tomorrow" ~Albert Einstein~

Your Teacher : Ms. Sarah Owens

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