Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of November 14, 2015

Message from the Desk of the Principal

Well in just 5 more days we will be on Winter Break for two weeks. This year is really flying by fast. During this last week of school, we ask that you prepare your classrooms in order for them to be thoroughly cleaned by the Aramark staff. In addition, please make sure to have a study packet and/or project for students to complete during the Winter Break. Lastly, please make sure that GradeBook reflects the required amounts of grades because I will be checking them during the Holiday for REACH. If you have any questions for me please contact me via email at Thank you!

Parent Learning Walk

Good job Team Beasley! We held our second Parent Learning Walk on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015. Our parents stated that they were successfully able to identify many of our CIWP (1-6) strategic priorities and Targeted Instructional Actions (TIA) i.e. close reading, argumentative claims, citing evidence and etc. using our Beasley Parent Learning Walk Checklist. Thank you for allowing our parents to visit your classrooms.
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Beasley Goes to Columbia College!

Beasley 1st and 2nd grade students are becoming college ready. They went to visit Columbia College located at 33 E. Congress on Monday, December 7th to learn about the tradition of the Kwanzaa Ceremony. It is very important that we take pride in our African-American heritage. This experience helped toward instilling strong African culture and values to our children. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Harris (1st) for helping to spearhead this event.
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Beasley Bees take on the 2015 Chicago Elite H.S. Classic (UIC Pavilion)

Our 7th/8th grade Beasley Boys Basketball team won against Ariel Elementary School on Saturday, December 5th, 2015 located at 525 S. Racine. We thank Ariel for agreeing to participate in this event. Even though this was a national high school tournament, our scholar athletes are now some of the most sought after new talent for high school and college!
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No one wants to see a shortage in their paychecks. However, it is imperative that staff swipe in and out daily. Please check your emails from Ms. Gordon, Payroll Clerk or check your Time Cards (Kronos) on HR4U to see if you are missing swipes. If you have any questions about this process please see Ms. Gordon.

NWEA Testing

We will resume NWEA testing next week. Please help in keeping the building quiet for testing. This MOY data will help us to determine areas of growth in reading and math. It will also let us know our next action steps.

Scholastic Book Fair

We would like to extend Ms. White a special thanks for spearheading our Scholastic Book Fair to increase students' interests to read. The last day of the book fair is December 16. We hope to see 80% growth in reading this year.
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6th Grade Students Learns Life Begins!

On Tuesday, December 8th, our 6th grade students visited the Robert Crown Center to learn about how Life Begins. This program is ISBE approved. Life Begins teaches reproductive science, beginning with the development of the reproductive organs and continuing through fertilization, implantation, gestation and delivery. The learning environment is comfortable and interactive, inviting relevant conversation and providing a useful supplement to school human development curriculum. The program’s highly visual presentations bring vivid detail to the miracle of embryology. A special thanks goes to Ms. Mary Thornton (6th) for spearheading the trip.

Standards Alignment:
ISBE Health Standards: 23.A.2a, 23.C.2a, 23.C.2b
National Sexuality Education Standards: AP.5.CC.1, AP.5.AI.1, PD.5.CC.1, PD.5.SM.1, PD.5.CC.2, PD.5.AI.2, PAD.5.CC.3, PR.5.CC.1
*Meets IL school code section 105 ILCS 110/3; 5/27-9.2

On-Track Data Info

Our attendance rate for our 1,428 students is 96.58%, our student on track rate is 68.2%. Our attendance rate is excellent and our desired on-track goal rate is 75%. We can do this Beasley. We support. We grow. We compete. We are Beasley!

Dismissal Procedures

All staff must walk their children outside the building at dismissal. This assures that the students left the building and are going to their appropriate buses in an expeditious manner.