Listen, Slowly

By Thanhha Lai, Genre: Realistic Fiction

You won't know you'll like it unless you try

By Jolie Liu

"Right then I decide to stay"

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You should believe, you won't know unless you try. How can you judge something you haven't experienced? For example, in the book Listen, Slowly, the girl, Mai, has a Vietnamese origin but has lived in America all her life. Her grandma wants to go back to Vietnam so Mai must also. She dreads going away from home, in her summer vacation , to where it is more hot and sticky than south California of where she lives. As she spends time in a Vietnamese village she slowly stops whining, and counting down the days, seconds until she goes home.

The quote shows that you won't know you'll like it until you try, because Mai dreaded to go to Vietnam, but once she does and spends time there, she changes her mind. In the quote it shows that she wants to stay.