Open Plan Offices


Open Plan Offices are great for people who want to be able to work with other people. Open plan means that you are not confined into one place and you are able to work with other people, this is great for the police because it means they can work and communicate in one room, without having to get out of a cellular office. The main feautures of an open plan are that it has no solid walls, no cells and is easy to communicate in.


When you have an open plan office you are able to move freely around the room, without having to be a confined space.

You are also able to communicate quicky and easily with other work colleagues whereas if you were in a cell youll have to shout or move to communicate, therefore wasting work time.

One large space containing many desks so you can fit many workers in one room.

Easier to supervise staff so that you can makesure that your workers are doing appropriate work..


When you have a cellular office, you have a lot of privacy whereas in a open plan office you don't so you woldnt be able to make private calls or important calls in an open plan office.

Can be noisy so will affect concentration therefore affecting the quality of the work.


Police stations, so that it will be easy for team work to take place, and work together on cases.

School, so that all the children can work together and be easily monitered, also it would be easy to teach many children in one room if it was open plan.

Hospitals, so many patients can fit in one dorm, and all the doctors can easily respond to emergancies.