Antonio Vivaldi

1678-1741 Created By: Matthew Winn

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Early Life

Antonio Vivaldi was just a wee little lad born on March 4, 1678. He had four brothers and four sisters. When Vivaldi was born, he was diagnosed with a medical problem he called, "tightening of the chest." Vivaldi was baptized after birth. It was the cause of the "tightening of the chest" that lead Vivaldi's midwife to believe that he was in "danger of death." Since birth he has been with music the rest of his life.
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The Boroque Period

Vivaldi was a man of music. In his time, music was greatly appreciated. From Mozart to Beethoven, Vivaldi was one of them. Vivaldi grew up in the city of Venice learning to be a priest. Since birth, Vivaldi lived in Venice all his life. He was the composer in the school ospedele della pieta. From this school of composing he moved on to help out king Charles the VI. Soon after, King Charles died from food poisoning leaving Vivaldi unemployed. One year later from this point, Vivaldi died on July 28, 1741.
♦ Vivaldi - The Four Seasons ♦

Four Seasons

Vivaldi was a composer and a song writer. He wrote one of the greatest pieces of music in history. It was four seasons that got him famous to present day humans. The Four Seasons could be described as a fast paced roller coaster. Vivaldi claimed that he could compose faster than anyone trying to copy it. He left this piece of music for the whole world to hear. This left people in awe when people took the time to listen.

Other Pieces of Music



Vivaldi's Legacy

Vivaldi left a great legacy for people to follow. He gave a chance for orphaned girls and refuge for poor to be someone. In a orchestra, it helped people see the importance in the music.

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